The Middle East power struggle between Russia and the United States continues

The unrest in Syria, Turkey and Egypt are all examples of a covert power struggle between the US and Russia for control of the Middle East.

The Russian terror proxies are taking turns with the global psych warfare and distraction. Iran, Syria, North Korea and now Egypt.

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Russia announces $4.2 Billion Weapons Deal with Iraq as Egypt Falls

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Now Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki says that Iraq and Russia may sign new defense contracts. “Perhaps there will be new contracts signed so that we could protect the sovereignty of the state,” he said in an interview.


Obama withdrew the troops from Iraq (surrendered to Iran) and now Iraq is funding the Russian war machine by buying $4.2 Billion in weapons?


Last night, I had a Marine veteran tell me on Twitter about how the ‘Senior’ Egyptian Military leaders are so friendly with the US Military leaders. The ‘Senior’ Egyptian Military leaders would have backed Morsi; rather than the protesters if that were the case, but instead they ousted the American puppet, Mohammad Morsi.

The ‘Senior’ Egyptian Military leaders would have never taken out Morsi without the approval of Vladimir Putin. It is that simple. The Russians control the Middle East, not the US Military, the CIA or Obama. I have respect for our soldiers, but they are too blind to see that their Superior Officers have betrayed them and their oaths.

Delusional kool aid drinkers like this Marine hero on Twitter are the reason why this is all a done deal. The sheep are waiting for Fox News to announce that Capitalism has been defeated by the Communists and the Muslims. That will never be announced, but you have to have the brains to know that it is taking place as we speak.


I had to remind this Marine that a “Marxist is currently in the White House”. Obama promised flexibility to the Russians for a reason…he is their puppet. Obama serves the best interest of Moscow, before the best interests of the US Military.


All of the blood that was spilled in Iraq and Afghanistan was for NOTHING.


US Troops are running around in circles as the Russians and the Muslims sit back and laugh at US purposely shatter the US Economy. Invading and withdrawing as Communist traitors spill US secrets to our enemies. That is winning?


Enjoy your 4th of July…

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Morsi Out

Egypt and Morsi was another failure of the Hillary Clinton State Department regime.

Now get ready for more rapes and murders….

Egypt’s military chief says President Morsi has been replaced by the chief justice and the constitution has been temporarily suspended.

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