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Wayne Allyn Root on Why Obama is Hiding His College Records: Maybe Obama Was a Foreign Exchange Student?

Wayne Allyn Root made some very good points. Root also mentions that Obama’s grades from Occidental were not good enough to get into Columbia or Harvard. What gives?

I also find it interesting that nobody remembers Obama from Columbia University.

Sean Penn Campaigns for Hugo Chavez

Sean Penn is as irrelevant in Venezuela as much as he is in the USA. Do you really think that election will be FAIR???

CNN Falsely Reported the Wisconsin Shooter had a 9/11 Tattoo

Steve Cooper

Why did the CNN reporters keep replaying this video with a supposed witness that claims the Wisconsin shooter at the Sikh Temple had a 9/11 tattoo?

CNN used this false information to play the racist angle against Muslims and it was fabricated.

The Oak Creek Police Chief just stated on CNN that the Wisconsin shooter DID NOT have a 9/11 tattoo…

Nice reporting by Don Lemon….STOOGE

Michael Savage on the Sikh Shooting: The Democrat Party Thrives on Dividing People by Class and Race

Good analysis by Savage, but he fails to mention the revolution angle. Someone needs to call his show and tell him.

Harry Reid Helps Chinese Solar Firm Represented By His Son

Harry Reid Helps Chinese Solar Firm Represented By His Son