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Is the Russian Media ‘Planting’ Conspiracy Theories Regarding Downed Malaysian Jet?

Conservative News Update:

This is classic ‘Soviet’ deception and misdirection…

Saudi Arabia investigates Imams who did not condemn al Qaeda attack

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It’s interesting that this Reuters story isn’t being shared on Twitter. Why? The Internet propaganda tries to link Saudi Arabia with Al Qaeda so people don’t associate the Iranian link to Al Qaeda. It is misdirection.

Why would Al Qaeda attack Saudi Arabia (hundreds killed) if they control them?

Evidence Mounts of a Manufactured Border Crisis

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I said this border crisis was manufactured since it started.

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John Kerry: $2.8 Billion of Iranian funds to be ‘unfrozen’

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Is this so Iran has more spending money to fight Israel and the US? 

US Secretary of State John Kerry said at a different presser in Vienna that 2.8 billion dollars of Iranian funds would be unfrozen during the new round of talks.


Russian government ‘edits’ Wikipedia to blame Ukraine for Downed Malaysian Jet

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KC – Thanks for tip

Infowars Website Defends Russia for Downed Malaysian Jet; Blames ‘Corporate Media’

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Alex Jones and his ilk are ‘useful idiots’ for Putin…