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Bear Bombers Over Guam Hours Before Obama State of the Union Address

Steve Cooper

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Listen up Monster fans….

Many of you are guilty of only focusing on Obama and Soros instead of the International Conspiracy that the Democrats are associated with to storm the USA into world Govt. A staged collapse of the economy and military will make this more believable to the sheep.

I post valid news stories all of the time about Russian and Chinese aggression  but they are not shared the same way news stories about Obama and Muslim terrorism are. Many of you grasp what is going on, but the numbers don’t lie. The Communist threat from Russia and China is being under estimated, due to media lies and analysts that are afraid to say it during their commentary.

Iran and North Korea are only used as a distraction, but they are clearly Russian and Chinese terror proxies.

It makes me furious to work so hard and write editorials about what the real threats are, but they go right over most heads. People share stupid Photoshop pics on Facebook rather than these important news stories.

The Russians can be more bold with their bombers over the Pacific, because one of their ‘allies’ is in the White House. The Russians and Obama will stage a feud very soon, but it will be fake. They don’t want the people to know that they are really allies.

This incident happened a few hours before Obama’s State of the Union Address.


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Russian General: Russian Forces are Ready for a Major War!

Steve Cooper

So, Obama and the Democrats want to cut money to the US Military as a Russian General warns “we are ready for a major war”? This as Russian (and Chinese) terror proxies, North Korea and Iran act as a distraction for the media.

The wool is being pulled over your eyes by communist lies and deception.

Once again, I predict that a staged war will be manufactured by Obama and the Russians. This is why Obama, the Democrats and the media would never mention the news that I report daily from the Russian media. The Russians are letting their loyal followers know that Communism never died and we are making a come back with the help of Agent Obama.

When the time comes…the USA will have to surrender to Russia and China based on massive military cuts. George Bush will be blamed and the sheep will just agree, but it will all be staged.

The USA won the Cold War? Well, why does Russia have to escort the USA into space if the USA won? The sheep are just too dumbed down and brainwashed. It is sickening..

Now you know why The Conservative Monster is the most dangerous website on the Internet. Drudge may be bigger, but he can’t put this puzzle together.

Thanks Comrades…

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Obama Nominee for Secretary of Defense Calls for the USA to Give Up it’s Nukes

Steve Cooper

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this article, because it is EXACTLY what I have been warning about. The Democrats are planning the surrender of the USA as we speak. The US Military will be told to stand and will be totally overwhelmed by our enemies.


These people are full of crap. They are staging the surrender of the USA to our enemies. The Weather Underground terrorist group had a plan to bring down the US Government and hand it over to Russia and China. Obama is carrying out the rest of this plan.

Yeah, the Russians are going to give up their nukes. SURE….

The other goal here is for the USA to convince Israel to give up their nukes. I think Obama might be doing coke again if he believes that one.

Hagel argued that once nuclear weapons are eliminated “we can then, all leaders of all mankind, can start to concentrate more deliberately on the needs of the men and women and the children of their countries.”


“Eradicating poverty, and hunger and a sense of despair that so overtakes societies,” he added.

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BP and Putin Making Deals?

Steve Cooper

The execs at BP are not stupid. They know where this world is heading and they are kissing Putin’s ring NOW. – Steve Cooper

I was one of the very few on the Internet that claimed the BP Oil explosion of 2009 was no accident, but really sabotage to shut the “Drill Now” crowd up. NEW offshore drilling has practically shut down since the BP explosion, but Obama had no problem sending money to Brazil to fund their off shore oil adventures.

My extensive research on the BP oil explosion was lost in my archive transfer to this new website, but I will say that many of the “Communist propaganda’ websites on the Internet had some interesting lies to report about this incident.

Many sites linked the explosion to a North Korean submarine attack. I don’t believe this story…I think it was probably a Venezuelan submarine that they bought from the Russians. This is my theory.

I did find it very interesting that the BP President flew to Russia to meet with Putin ASAP when he left the Gulf region. What was so urgent? Who competes with the USA as a Global oil exporter that has access to submarines? Russia and Venezuela. Best Sellers – Computers

Russia angers Japan with visit to disputed island

Russia angers Japan with visit to disputed island

Steve Cooper

Russia is massive, but they need to pick a fight with Japan over this little island? This feud is nasty and that is why I believe that the Russians smacked Japan’s earthquake fault with some type of electromagnetic weapon (Scalar Weapons or HAARP)to spark that deadly earthquake last year.

Russia and China also use North Korea as a proxy to intimidate Japan.


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Syria Could Unite Russia and China

Syria Could Unite Russia and China

Steve Cooper

This is Bloomberg’s headline, not mine. Those of you that read this website know that I have been stating for several years that Russia and China are in alliance with Syria, North Korea and Iran. They are all engaged in a stealth war against the USA via surrogates such as Al Qaeda and Hezbollah.

The American LEFT are actively assisting these Marxist and Muslim terror states. Do not pay attention to the war of words or drone attacks that are killing terrorists, because after all you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

I stated many times the reasons why Russia wants the USA and NATO to wage war against Syria and Iran. Raising oil and weapon sales are at the top of the list. Also, it makes NATO appear as the imperialist aggressor.

Do you still believe that 9/11 was just a coincidence and that we are fighting a barefoot Muslim in a cave? Of course you do… you are BRAINWASHED.

From Twitter –

UN envoy Kofi Annan: ‘Syria is not Libya, it will not implode, it will explode beyond its borders’ –


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Did North Korea Purposely Fail Missile Test?

Did North Korea Purposely Fail Missile Test?

This is why the North Korean missile test failed. “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Did North Korea Purposely Fail Missile Test? I say YES, because it is the goal of the Communists for you all to have your guard lowered, not higher. This is how Communist deception works. The Soviet Union increased espionage after the so called collapse of Communism. Did it really collapse? The Conservative would not be here today if Communism really collapsed. 

NOW, many in the media are lying about the fact that this missile launch might have been purposely failed by the N. Koreans and I believe that they are following the orders of the US Government. The same way that they won’t touch the Obama Eligibility issue or Russia moving Saddam’s WMD’s to Syria prior to the Iraq War starting.

Why does the liberal media want you to believe that dangerous Communist regimes like North Korea os really ‘weak’ and ‘no threat’? Understand that about 99% of the media reported today is lies and deception used to manipulate people. Just take a look at NBC and ABC’s reporting about the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Mike Wallace claimed that “Liberal reporters are patriots too“, but I don’t see it. 

I also want to add that the U.S. Military could have used HAARP to break up this N. Korean missile. HAARP is an electromagnetic weapon and it is an invisible way of shooting down ANY MISSILE or plane. Think about that the next time someone ‘important’ dies in a plane crash.


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