Is Trump Targeting Obama’s College & Passport Records in Retaliation for Allred Assault Against Romney?


Steve Cooper


Now, this is making sense. Allred is trying to unseal testimony that Romney gave at a divorce trial for the owner of Staples and that is why Donald Trump went after Obama’s College & Passport records.

These Marxists stoop lower and lower everyday to protect Obama.


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Donald Trump offers $5 Million to charity for Obama to release his college & passport records – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Donald Trump offers $5 Million to charity for Obama to release his college & passport records

Steve Cooper




The deadline is Oct. 31st, 2012.

It will look like Obama is hiding something if he turns down this deal for a donation to any POOR charity that he wishes. The ball is in Obama’s court now …he can just forge these records too. That is the problem – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Trump Promises Big Bombshell on Obama This Wednesday (Oct. 24th, 2012) That Could Change The Election

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The Hope And The Change – Official Movie Trailer



Feds end probe of ‘America’s toughest sheriff’ Joe Arpaio; no charges

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Steve Cooper

It is about time, because this man has been smeared for long enough.

I love how this news is released on a Friday, Holiday weekend.

Donald Trump: “Michelle Obama called Kenya Barack Obama’s “homeland” in 2008″


From Twitter –

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

What a coincidence–Michelle Obama called Kenya @BarackObama‘s “homeland” in 2008

Jake Tapper Claims ‘The Media Helped Obama’ in 2008

Steve Cooper

Gee, the media helped Obama in 2008? Really? We never would have known that Jake without your ‘professional’ opinion. These are the same left wing bastards that laughed in our faces and said “what liberal bias in the media”? They are TERRORISTS.

Jake Tapper blocked me on Twitter, because I dared to comment on the media blackout on the Obama Eligibility issue.

So JAKE, I wouldn’t go throwing stones if I were YOU either….