Man from St Louis Claims the Agenda is: “Obama wants Martial Law here”

Conservative News Update:

Missouri Gov. calls for ‘vigorous prosecution’ of PO Wilson before charges are even filed

Conservative News Update:

Leftists are dangerous radicals that clearly don’t give a damn about the US Constitution when it comes to ‘exploiting’ a police incident. 

Are white ‘left wing’ agitators inciting the violence in Ferguson?

Conservative News Update:

A white liberal female declared (in a whiny voice) “This is the start of the REVOLUTION” during the Ferguson protest on Fox News. These ‘trust fund babies’ want to incite violence to ensure Obama stays past his term.

I also saw video of a Amnesty International marching with the protesters. Of course most of them were white as well.

White liberal agitators are infiltrating the Ferguson protests to incite violence by black people. The people of Ferguson should physically remove these radicals from their town for their own good.

Fox News showed the ‘white faces’ behind the Ferguson protests…interesting.

Occupy Ferguson posts from

Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” During Mike Brown Attack

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Friend of PO Darren Wilson claims “Michael Brown ‘bum rushed’ the officer, punched him & tried to take his gun”

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Is the ‘Occupy Ferguson’ movement on Twitter trying to incite more unrest in Missouri?

Conservative News Update:

Leftists are trying to spark as much unrest as possible, because this is a great distraction from the collapsing economy and Obama scandals. The goal is Martial Law, but I can’t see them pulling that off without help from Obama’s Muslim pals. 

Hillary Clinton will never see the White House. The far left and Obama aren’t friends of Hillary…