Missouri Democrat who has sponsored several “anti-gun” bills arrested carrying loaded 9mm and extra ammo in Ferguson

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Steve Cooper
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Eric Holder will spring her loose…

Cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal’s speech is a sign that Liberal Academia is a danger to a ‘stable society’

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Steve Cooper
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Why are people shocked when college kids go on shooting rampages since they request cop killers like Mumia Abu-Jamal to speak? This is a product of Liberal Academia brainwashing kids to worship revolutionaries and murderers such as Che Guevara and Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Why would Professors want chaos in society? The answer is it is the crisis needed to form a ‘Police State’. It would be ideal for this Police State to take place while Obama is in office so he can stay in power. So, don’t blame the NRA; blame the Leftist College Professors instead.

A teacher that I know for over 30 years had a ‘meltdown’ when I mentioned this one day. Why? I hit the truth nerve once again.

The media and police are ‘cleansing’ the fingerprints of Socialism and Revolution from the public. I have been warning about this for years.

Why have their been no mass shootings lately? I believe these ‘Revolutionaries’ know something big is coming and they are waiting.  Stay tuned….

15 shot in NYC within 8 hours, 2 dead

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Don’t blame guns for mass shooters; blame their College Professors

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Yesterday, there was another shooting on a college campus in America. This time it was in Seattle.

I have said for the longest time that Liberal Academia is brainwashing young minds to praise Che Guevara, Karl Marx and Charles Darwin so they become Marxist Revolutionaries. This is the link to the mass shootings that is being hidden by the Media, Politicians and the Police Brass.

Where did I come up with this theory? I have seen the propaganda on the  Internet over the years by young college kids glorifying mass murderers such as Mao, Hitler, Castro,  and Guevara. I have also seen many comments defending and praising the actions of these mass shooting suspects for their deadly rampages.

It is time to do a study on the college essays of mass shooters and I am confident that a link will be found to Marxism, Darwinism, their Liberal Professors or Liberal Parents. it is interesting that many of these mass shooters tend to be ‘rich college kids’ that are ‘political’.

Many of these college essays are protected by privacy unless a subpoena is granted to study them or a lawsuit from the families of the victims is filed.

Privacy isn’t an issue if the shooter takes his own life.  Privacy is an issue if the suspect is on trial, because release of these essays could prevent a fair trial for the defendant.

I argue that these college essays should be released to the public if the defendant pleads insanity for the mass shooting to see if the act was premeditated.

Private Universities will fight any attempt to release these essays since some could show them to be liable for creating this Marxist Revolutionary Frankenstein that has declared war on civil society.

The hatred against America (and Israel) that is spewed by college Professors needs to come to an end. Bringing change from the barrel of a gun aka Revolution is being glorified by the far left since they want to give Obama ‘absolute power’. Bloody chaos is the way to bring about this change.

Don’t blame guns, blame their College Professors.

Ban Hammers?

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Hammer attacks in NYC subway….


S.E. Cupp skewers Mike Bloomberg on ‘Gun Control’

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Why are rich Elitists such as Mike Bloomberg, Michael Moore and that idiot from CNN against guns? They know a big staged economic crisis is on the way and they want less guns in the hands of the middle class when this does take place.