Pamela Geller Grilled on CNN About Anti-Jihad NYC Subway Ad and Secretly Records Interview

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Pamela Geller did an excellent job in this interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett. I have to admit that Erin Burnett is very crafty, but Pam stood her ground. Operatives like Burnett are very dangerous, because she has studied her propaganda and talking points.

Geller outsmarted CNN and Burnett in the end, because she secretly recorded the interview and comments that were EDITED out of the final production.

It is outrageous that leftists like Burnett are attacking Pamela Geller as Muslims are raping, murdering and plotting how to kill thousands of civilians daily. At one point Burnett asked Geller this question about the controversial NYC Subway ad:

Yes, I know that you have the right to post that ad, but should you?


Here is a copy of the controversial ad where Geller called Muslim Jihadists “Savages”.


These leftists want everyone to sit in the corner cowering to Muslim thugs that are holding the world hostage. Leftists protect Muslim terrorists, because they are being used as a proxy to weaken American Capitalism via costly wars. This is the real reason why leftists like Burnett defend Muslims and ‘imply’ that people like Geller are ‘racist. These are typical Communist propaganda talking points.

NY Magazine also attacked the ad by sarcastically saying “Now is the perfect time for an anti-Muslim subway ad” – NY Mag is correct, now is the perfect time for this ad, because these Muslims need to behave or they need to be dealt with severely.

Cowards like General Dempsey embolden the enemy by calling Pastor Terry Jones in Florida to censor their free speech to appease the enemy. Shame on Dempsey, he is a disgrace to the uniform and he needs to resign immediately.

Geller claims that her comments about CAIR and Hamas were edited out of the CNN interview and she posted the transcript on her website.

More from Pamela on the subway ad and CNN interview Best Sellers – Computers

Putin: “Romney is ‘Open and Sincere’ for Admitting that Russia is a Foe”

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I give Romney a lot of credit for being brave enough to say that Russia is America’s “#1 Geopolitical foe”. I found it very interesting that the Democrats are still very aligned with Russia considering that they build the Iranian Nuke plants that will be responsible for starting the next world war.

Putin was discussing how important missile defense talks with the USA are. Why are ‘defensive weapons’ so threatening to Moscow? Obama told Russian President Medvedev last year “he would have more flexibility after his election’ to discuss missile defense with Vladimir…. Best Sellers – Computers

BP and Putin Making Deals?

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The execs at BP are not stupid. They know where this world is heading and they are kissing Putin’s ring NOW. – Steve Cooper

I was one of the very few on the Internet that claimed the BP Oil explosion of 2009 was no accident, but really sabotage to shut the “Drill Now” crowd up. NEW offshore drilling has practically shut down since the BP explosion, but Obama had no problem sending money to Brazil to fund their off shore oil adventures.

My extensive research on the BP oil explosion was lost in my archive transfer to this new website, but I will say that many of the “Communist propaganda’ websites on the Internet had some interesting lies to report about this incident.

Many sites linked the explosion to a North Korean submarine attack. I don’t believe this story…I think it was probably a Venezuelan submarine that they bought from the Russians. This is my theory.

I did find it very interesting that the BP President flew to Russia to meet with Putin ASAP when he left the Gulf region. What was so urgent? Who competes with the USA as a Global oil exporter that has access to submarines? Russia and Venezuela. Best Sellers – Computers

Judge will examine whether Russia ordered the murder of dissident Alexander Litvinenko

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Alexander Litvinenko is a former Russian KGB agent that was allegedly poisoned by Russian spies while living in England. Litvinenko spoke about how the Russian KGB/FSB blew up buildings in Moscow (false flag) to justify the slaughter of thousands of Chechen Muslims.

Litvinenko also claimed that the Russians trained Al Qaeda’s new #1 terrorist leader, Ayman Zawahiri. This would link Al Qaeda to the front door of the Kremlin. Litvinenko was poisoned after he made these comments.

Litvinenko also stated that Russia was fighting the USA with an ‘invisible hand’.

Is Al Qaeda a Kremlin Proxy?

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David Horowitz: “This is not about a film; This is about the rise of Islamic Nazism”

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This is an interview with David Horowitz and Megyn Kelly from Fox News (David Horowitz is one of the best journalists in the USA). Megyn Kelly talked over Horowitz when he was talking about Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin being linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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‘Warmers in Denial': Antarctic Ice is GROWING

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U.N. Chief Says Mohammed Movie ‘Cannot Be Protected’ As Free Speech

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