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Roseanne Barr: Members of the military and their families are ‘on the dole’ | Twitchy


Rosanne breaks the communist code of silence and that is why she is GOLD. She says many things that the other communists really only say behind closed doors and that is why I post it.

Radical Professors need to be reigned in, because they are creating Frankenstein Revolutionaries


The C Monster@cnin

I am interested to see James Holmes essays on Global Warming, Socialism and Evolution, but the judge sealed his records? Interesting…

I can understand that they want to preserve evidence to avoid a mistrial, BUT the media has not asked for this since day one. WHY? They know that he is a radical leftist and they are hiding it.

Radical professors need to be reigned in, because they are creating Frankenstein revolutionaries. How many more student shooting rampages do we need? There have been many the past 10 years and the media blames guns rather than radical Liberal Academia  #collegestudentrampages

Michael Savage: It is Time to Investigate Un-American Activites – Bring Back HUAC

Michael Savage – Feb 2010

Retired Military Officer Running for Congress: Obama and His Insurgents are the Gravest Threat to National Security. Bring Back HUAC to Investigate Infiltration