Kids Are Throwing Out Michelle Obama’s Lunch Menu

Steve Cooper

Everything that conservatives warned about is materializing. Liberal fascists are to be blamed for this invasion of privacy and they need to be isolated from society. Don’t debate them or bother with them at all. They are going to force the next generation into slavery.

These are all just baby steps to take control of the food supply and then the Obammunists will really have you right where they want you. Your kids will be eating green grass as the Obama kids are eating steak, fish and chicken.

Obesity is just another manufactured crisis to take more rights away, but try telling that to Democrats that only care about whether two men can be married. Their minds and priorities are twisted.

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Obama Calls Terrorist Attacks that Killed Our Ambassador ‘Bumps in the Road’

Steve Cooper

Communists like to use the term “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet”, but I guess Obama likes to use “bumps in the road”.

I was using the egg omelet reference the following day after the 9/11 Libyan attack that killed 4 Americans, because I felt that they were ‘sacrificed’. Why was there no security at the Libyan Consulate on 9/11? It was very fishy to me…

These people are capable of anything to complete their quest for ABSOLUTE POWER. Best Sellers – Computers

The Occupy Wall Street Agenda Revealed: ‘Smash Capitalism with Love’

Steve Cooper

 UPDATE – It appears that this comment was deleted from Twitter. Why? Because they OWS crowd tries to keep their agenda to destroy Capitalism COVERT.


It is a good thing that I copied the post before they could delete it.

This photo that calls for “Smashing Capitalism with Love” was posted on Twitter by Occupy Chicago

Occupy Chicago (@OccupyChicago) tweeted at 5:56 PM on Sun, Sep 23, 2012:
“Smash capitalism with love” #S23

It was sickening to watch Neil Cavuto on Fox News the other day with one of his script readings guests dancing around the topic of “what is the goal of Occupy Wall Street”. The segment was loaded with anti-capitalism, communist code words, but the words socialism, communism or war against capitalism were never used.

This is why I laugh when people think they have a shot at stopping this communist agenda when it is not even allowed to be mentioned in the media. The ‘censorship of Communism’ is already here.

Everyone that reads my website knows the real agenda of the Communists at OWS, because I don’t pull any punches.




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Future Wealth Can Not Be Redistributed – Thomas Sowell

Steve Cooper


This is a clip of Michael Savage discussing a brilliant article by Thomas Sowell. Best Sellers – Computers

Congressman Allen West: Obama Encouraged Middle East Violence

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Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Editorial Called for 100% Taxing of the Kenyan People

Steve Cooper

I just finished watching 2016: Obama’s America and I thought it was very interesting. I knew most of what was reported in this documentary, but I did pick up a few details. Dinesh D’Souza was very methodical the way that he laid out the facts and it kept your attention for the most part.

D’Souza focused on the psychological damage that was done to Obama when he was a child due to his father leaving him at a young age. Plus, Obama was confused about life due to his Kenyan and American background, but learning that his father was a wife beating, drunk certainly didn’t help his self image.

It was interesting that D’Souza claims Obama would love to install the Communist vision of his father Barack Sr. by eventually imposing a 100% tax on the American people. Yes, that is right, 100%.


Barack Sr. wrote a Communist propaganda piece for a Kenyan Newspaper that called for a 100% tax of the people in exchange for Government services. This is your change?

I also found it interesting that Obama’s mother (a Muslim loving Communist like her son) left her husband Lolo Soetoro after he got a job for a California oil company. She became outraged when her husband sold out to Capitalism. Plus, he joined the Indonesian military to fight against the Communists and that was the final straw. So, she packed up her anti-Christ bound son (Barack Obama) and left Lolo Soetoro. I guess she didn’t want Barry Jr. to be exposed to something evil like Capitalism at such a young age. Very sad…

Obama’s mother felt that Communist Frank Marshall Davis was more of a role model that should influence her son instead. Frank Marshall Davis was on the FBI watch list as someone to be arrested immediately if war broke out against the Soviet Union. So, I guess Frank Marshall Davis was very connected and dangerous. You can read more about Frank Marshall Davis in the book called The Communist by Paul Kengor.

I believe that D’Souza didn’t tap into the Birther issue, because he didn’t want the movie to be blacklisted totally. He mentioned that Obama was born in Kapiolani Hospital in Hawaii that has never produced records to prove he was actually born there. D’Souza gave the Fox News ‘birth announcement newspaper’ excuse that proves nothing. That is like showing me a coupon to Walmart after I ask you for your birth certificate.

Plus, there was no mention of the literary agent that claimed Obama was born in Kenyan. Literary Pamphlet More Proof That Birth Certificate a Forgery

Look folks, you are a Communist if you vote for Obama after watching this documentary. Don’t give me any of your Democrat or Libertarian lies and crap, because you got the wrong one. I am onto you all.


Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream by Dinesh D’Souza

I highly recommend this book as well. I interviewed the author Don Fredrick and it was fascinating. The Obama Timeline: From his Birth in 1961 Through his First 100 Days in Office Best Sellers – Computers

‘Socioeconomic Equality': Is a 75% Hollywood Tax a Good Idea?

Steve Cooper


Hollywood is loaded with Liberals, Socialists and Communists. I think a 75% Hollywood tax is a great way for the Government to create ‘socioeconomic equality’ and justice starting with their money first.

David Letterman, Jay Z, Beyonce and Eva Longoria should make the sacrifice to prove how dedicated they are to ‘redistribution of wealth’. I am NOT only talking about their salary either. Their savings accounts now belong to the people, but it is for such a ‘good cause’.

Next, I say that 75% of the trust funds that belong to Ivy League, Occupy Wall Street protesters should also confiscated, I mean ‘redistributed’.

These wannabe Elitists can be part of the “Upper Class” when a Socialist Dictatorship rolls into town, but it is going to cost them dearly. Did you really think that liberals cared about the ‘middle class’? Now, that is funny….

I posted this comment the other day on Twitter and Facebook, but it seemed to go over the heads of many.


The ‘Media Elite’ are trying to buy their immunity to future tyranny with their loyalty and lies to protect Obama.


A ‘sharp’ retired Marine with a degree in Political Science understood my comment and he sent me this note on Twitter.

A very poignant analogy – the 4th Estate evidently doesn’t study communist history – they will be the first to go after anarchists.

Special thanks to longtime Conservative Monster fan Richard C. for this idea. Best Sellers – Computers