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Obama Classmate Schools Geraldo Rivera About Obama’s Indonesian Name Barry Soetoro

Steve Cooper

Donald Trump has them shaking once again. Give him credit folks, because he will certainly lose Democrat and Hollywood Elite business at his Casino’s.

Newt: The ‘Pay Check President’ Vs. The ‘Food Stamp President’ – Newt Gingrich – Fox Nation

Is The US Army Preparing for an Anti-Communist Revolt?


Steve Cooper

Courtesy of Drudge Report and The Washington Times

Why is the US Army preparing for a Tea Party militia revolt against a town or city? The Tea Party is really an anti-communist movement, but the media and the Tea Party leaders refuse to say it publicly.

The real question is: Why are there plans to squash an anti-communist revolt?

This election is really about choosing Socialism or Capitalism. Choose wisely….

The C Monster@cnin

This election is really about choosing Socialism or Capitalism. Choose wisely….

Obama calls Clinton aide a “patriot”

You know that when a Democrat calls someone a ‘patriot’; that person is no damn good.

Monster Analysis on the Republican VP Pick

Steve Cooper

I predicted that the Republican ticket would be Romney/Bachmann 15 months ago (I got one of them right). I noticed a change in Bachmann during the debates and I lost confidence that she would be chosen. Then I became fearful that Bachmann was getting ready to flee the country before the Socialist Revolution started when she filed for dual citizenship in Switzerland.A lot has changed in 15 months since I made that prediction.

Ryan is a good pick and a smart man, but he can be boring just like Romney is. I would have chosen Allen West, because my style is to shake things up rather than lull people to sleep. I knew one thing for sure; the Republicans would pick someone with Tea Party influence.

I only know what Paul Ryan thinks about the economy and nothing about his foreign policy. Wisconsin is a liberal cesspool and there is no way they are going to vote for Romney.

Wake me up when this is all over, because the union thugs and other assorted useful idiots will commit voter fraud to make sure Obama gets re-elected.

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” -
Joseph Stalin