Russian bombers penetrated U.S. airspace at least 16 times in past 10 days

Conservative News Update:

Russia will attack the US soon. Remember these words…


Russia bans food imports in retaliation to Western sanctions

Conservative News Update:

Russia is banning food imports from the West? I guess more Russians will starve to death like the good ole days of the Soviet Union. #Putin

Criminals and gang members illegally entering the US

Conservative News Update:

Link from DRUDGE - 

Hitler, Castro and Lenin also released criminals into the population to help promote chaos. Rich liberals can’t hide in their mansions forever… 

Leftist protest against Jewish Diamond District ‘backfires’ in NYC

Conservative News Update:

TY Jason :)

The brainwashed vermin from Columbia and NYU got more than they bargained for?

Jimmy Carter pushes US to recognize Hamas

Conservative News Update:

Jimmy Carter is living proof that the connection between far left Democrats and Iranian terrorist proxies such as Hamas is very real. The bottom line is they all take orders from the Kremlin.     


Liberal Hollywood’s influence on “24″

Conservative News Update:

I am watching seasons of “24″ on Amazon. It is a great show of course, but liberal Hollywood has embedded the usual propaganda such as: Profiling against Muslims, Truther conspiracies that blame terrorism on the US Govt and talking points about torture.

The show also portrays Russia as an ally of the US, but at times they do show the potential of a ‘Russian threat’.

It’s also interesting that Middle East nations allegedly linked to Muslim terrorist groups (Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia) are never mentioned by name.


Obama on CIA’s post-9/11 tactics: ‘We tortured some folks’

Conservative News Update:

Once again, Obama gives a sound bite to his pals in the Russian media. Remember, the Libertarians, Communists and Muslims all shared the same views on Iraq and torture, because they are comrades.

Torture? Every speech Obama gives is torture!