Ukrainian official: Russian tanks have entered the country

Conservative News Update:

The enemy (Russia) is making a move on the Ukraine since Americans are distracted by Obama’s corruption, scandals and disregard for the US Constitution.

Plus, the distraction of the violence in Iraq is also a great distraction away from the media coverage. Putin knows what he is doing.

World Government is near and Obama already has surrendered to it!

Ayatollah: “Obama no longer has the guts for battle”

Conservative News Update:

1. Iran supported the 9/11 hijackers, but they brilliantly used Saudi terrorists to deflect the blame into another direction. A US Federal Judge linked Iran to the 9/11 attacks and they were ordered to pay the families of the victims, but the media hides this news.

2. Democrats and Libertarians attacked George Bush when he wanted  to retaliate against Iran for killing US Soldiers in Iraq.

3. Obama surrendered to Iran when he removed US Troops from Iraq; giving away the strategic advantage of having Iran surrounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

4. Russia and China threatened WW III if George Bush attacked Iran; therefore making them accessories to 9/11 via Iran (their terror proxy).

The 9/11 attacks were really a way of telling the US to abandon Capitalism and accept Socialism…or else.

Karl Marx stated: “The meaning of peace is absence to resistance to Socialism”. What does that mean? Accept Socialism or else.

The Marxists cleverly used fanatical Muslims as a terror proxy to attack the West with. Every legitimate analyst knows this, but they are afraid to say it in the media.

Putin isn’t outsmarting Obama. The Democrat alliance with the Kremlin and their Muslim terror proxies is no secret. It has a long history.


Obama visits Poland, but the fear of Russia remains

Conservative News Update:

Obama withdrew all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan to boost support to Poland? Didn’t Obama tell us Russia is ‘our friend’?

The Ukrainian crisis was an alarming wake up call for Poles and their comments are reported in this interesting article from Radio Free Europe.

Putin’s aggressive chess moves are a signal to Europe that NATO can’t protect them from what is coming. I have read this propaganda many times in the Russia media over the years.

San Francisco political ‘activist’ wanted by the FBI in federal investigation for possession of explosive materials

Conservative News Update:

Fox News reports that this suspect is a political junkie and he worked on Gavin Newsome’s (left winger) campaign.  Ryan Kelly Chamberlain is from  San Francisco  and he lost his job in November. Friends claim he became more introverted soon after.

The FBI states the suspect is armed and dangerous; and driving a white 2008 Nissan Altima with possible California or Texas license plates, KTVU reports.

The video from NBC News interviews someone from the San Francisco Republican Party even though  Chamberlain switched to the Democrat Party. Is NBC News trying to distract attention away from the fact that Chamberlain is a Democrat?

Chamberlain appears to be another ‘Socialist’ Revolutionary to me.

FBI feared Marilyn Monroe ‘drifted into Communist orbit’

Conservative News Update:

According to the Telegraph UK:

A reporter from The NY Daily News made an anonymous phone call to the FBI claiming that Marilyn Monroe’s marriage to Arthur Miller was a “cover up,” that Miller was a “cultural frontman for the Communist Party,” and that money from Marilyn Monroe Productions was finding its way to the Communist Party.

Ex CIA Agent: Russian Intelligence 1st contact with Edward Snowden in 2007

Conservative News Update:

Fox News reported:

An ex-CIA agent claims that Russian Intelligence has been in contact Edward Snowden since 2007.

I said Snowden was a ‘communist spy’ the 1st day this story broke. Look up my archives. The Libertarians backing Snowden are really liberals and they have duped millions of Conservatives once again with this hoax.

Drudge and many of your Tea Party heroes on Fox News are part of the scam to portray Snowden as a Conservative, but he is really a Liberal Communist spy.

The Russians want to topple US Foreign intelligence and so does Obama and Edward Snowden. This is over the heads of many…#NSA

Putin isn’t a Communist? No, he just dabbles with Iranian terrorism to raise the price of oil so he can redistribute the wealth to the Russian people.

Liberals and Libertarians shouted ‘war criminal’ during the Iraq War to distract attention away from the Russian/Iranian terror alliance.

Putin also wants to put the pieces of the Soviet Union back together…

The Soviet Union punk’ed the world…

Dinesh D’Souza: “Destruction is seen as ‘Progress’ to Termites”

Conservative News Update:

Using the word Progressive is sugar coating; Conservatives need to speak out about the Socialist threat.