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Barney Frank Video: From Congress to the Mental Ward?

Steve Cooper

Interviewing a mental patient would go smoother than interviewing Barney Frank. Once again, the people of Massachusetts voted in another LOSER. It might be time to build a wall around the entire state of Massachusetts so they can live in their own Socialist hell.

Notice that Maria Bartiromo’s interview with Paul Ryan is much different than her interview with Barney Frank.

Left Wing Blogs Celebrate that Canadians are Richer than Americans

Steve Copoper

Why do Democrats lie about them being socialists and communists? The propaganda that is being spewed by ‘the left’ on the Internet is clearly a war against capitalism that is 100% Communist. Their agenda is obvious.

Do these commies take into account that the population of the USA is much higher than it is in Canada? The US population is 10 times higher than it is in Canada. Canada only has 34 million people as compared to the US population of 300 million and growing.

The US Government is already going broke and it can not sustain 300 million people or even half of that number. This is why the Elitist thugs want as much abortion and restrictions of freedom on the people, because they believe that they own you all.

The propaganda to get people off of eating meat to save the environment is really a way of saying “You peasants eat dirt; as we fly in our private jets eating caviar and filet mingon”.

Why are the Democrats and their communist plants in the media hiding their agenda if it is that much better than Capitalism? The answer is that “it is a scam”, a lie”. Socialism enslaves the people better than Capitalism and that is why the Elite support it and Obama.

This is really about power and control over the people.

My Brief Encounter with an Obama Voter

An Obamabot relative of mine mentioned that his company is forcing all of their employees to join a gym (the company will pay the bill) or their insurance rates will go up.

I told him:

“This is because of Obama care and Healthcare will eventually be rationed.” I also told him that “soon they will punish people if they are slightly overweight or a smoker. This is about individual freedoms and that the Government will OWN your body since they are footing the bill now”.


This is why Bloomberg is trying to already control what people drink or eat. The elite already are showing their cards that they own us since they are footing the bills.

He immediately wanted to change the subject, because he knew that the word “communist” was coming next.

His final words were “When in Rome, do as the Romans”.

I never got a chance to tell him that ROME FELL…..

James Holmes Received $26K Grant From Bethesda-Based National Institutes of Health

Killed with tax dollars? Now you know why all of the scientists are radical leftists, because they are Government OWNED….

This news link was sent from a friend.

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