Harry Reid Helps Chinese Solar Firm Represented By His Son

Harry Reid Helps Chinese Solar Firm Represented By His Son


PIPELINE EXPLOSION Blast interrupts Iraq-Turkey oil flow

BREAKING NEWS: PIPELINE EXPLOSION Blast interrupts Iraq-Turkey oil flow.

Iranian News and other sources are reporting about this ‘explosion’

Seeking to raise the price of oil? Maybe?


Democrat Exploitation of Trayvon Martin, Chickfila and the Colorado Shooting Rampage

Steve Cooper


The Democrats love exploiting people, minorities groups, victims and so on to act as a distraction for their economic sabotage that is forcing the USA to spiral down into the toilet of Socialism.

Stirring up civil unrest and paranoia is a bonus to them of course….

The Democrats are desperate to polarize any incident that they can grasp their gnarly hands on to create a diversion from their agenda to strangle American Capitalism and the free market to death.

I am curious of these Democrat Mayors conspired to incite a gay backlash with their anti-free speech comments last week about the Chick Fil-a boss being against gay marriage?

Just imagine what the media stooges would say if the Republicans exploited people in this manner?

The main topics that the Democrats want out of the news are the economy, Obama’s birth certificate that looks like it was made in a Public Library and VOTER FRAUD.



Connecticut Elite to Hold Obama Fund Raiser for $35,000 Per Ticket

I thought that Obama was at war with the rich? That is just a lie to get the Middle Class dupes to vote for him. It is working…

Do you really believe that these rich people want to share their wealth with your family? LOL


Roseanne Barr: Members of the military and their families are ‘on the dole’ | Twitchy


Rosanne breaks the communist code of silence and that is why she is GOLD. She says many things that the other communists really only say behind closed doors and that is why I post it.