Connecticut Elite to Hold Obama Fund Raiser for $35,000 Per Ticket

I thought that Obama was at war with the rich? That is just a lie to get the Middle Class dupes to vote for him. It is working…

Do you really believe that these rich people want to share their wealth with your family? LOL

Roseanne Barr: Members of the military and their families are ‘on the dole’ | Twitchy


Rosanne breaks the communist code of silence and that is why she is GOLD. She says many things that the other communists really only say behind closed doors and that is why I post it.

Radical Professors need to be reigned in, because they are creating Frankenstein Revolutionaries


The C Monster@cnin

I am interested to see James Holmes essays on Global Warming, Socialism and Evolution, but the judge sealed his records? Interesting…

I can understand that they want to preserve evidence to avoid a mistrial, BUT the media has not asked for this since day one. WHY? They know that he is a radical leftist and they are hiding it.

Radical professors need to be reigned in, because they are creating Frankenstein revolutionaries. How many more student shooting rampages do we need? There have been many the past 10 years and the media blames guns rather than radical Liberal Academia  #collegestudentrampages

Retired Military Officer Running for Congress: Obama and His Insurgents are the Gravest Threat to National Security

Steve Cooper


The reason that exists is to expose the lies that the media reports everyday, but also to report the truth that they refuse to report.

Tim Powers from emailed me about a retired Military Officer named Ernest Huber, that is running for Congress in Washington State. Tim mentioned in the email “this man talks about everything you have warned us about for years regarding the Communist threat”. I opened up Ernest Huber’s website on my phone and I was blown away by his resume and his honesty about the danger that America is in.

Ernest Huber is the man that we need in Washington instead of pretenders like John McCain and offenders like John Kerry and Obama. His resume is outstanding and his knowledge on the danger that America clearly backs up everything that I have warned you all about for many years.

Ernest Huber’s U.S. Military resume:

Retired Navy Lieutenant Commander; Surface Warfare Officer, counter-terrorism Watch Commander, Pacific Fleet; 1980-1994

Army Chief Warrant Officer-2; Military Intelligence interrogation technician, Army Intelligence Center; 1978-1980


USAF Sergeant; Intelligence Operations Specialist/SERE instructor, USAF Survival School; 1963-1968


More on Ernest Huber:


Huber calls for for reactivating the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) and this is something that I have been saying for many years.


Huber wants the Communist infiltrators arrested. This is something that I have been calling for since the 1980’s. It is long overdue.


Huber understands the Russian/Chinese threat and that they have many Democrat allies working for them from within.


Obama is NOT a Democrat; he is a Marxist and he sought out the most radical Marxist professors while in college and he is hiding his college records for a reason.




Below are just some brief comments from Ernest Huber’s website:

E. National Defense

The gravest threat to our national security in our history is from Obama and his insurgents who have infiltrated our Constitutional government under political pretenses, and are dismantling it to install a dictatorship. They must be immediately arrested and jailed by whatever means necessary for waging war against us.

All legal means and tactics must be simultaneously pursued to cause those arrests and jailings. Given Obama’s communism and gangsterism, he is certainly receiving massive covert assistance from our mortal communist enemies, the Russian and Chinese governments, who have been waging war against us for generations.

I will call for reactivating the House Un-American Activities Committee (1938-1975), created by the 79th Congress in Public Law 601, to investigate the many clear and present threats of subversion and propaganda attacking the form of government guaranteed by our Constitution.  Watch to see who objects, and why, then act accordingly. 

Barack Hussein Obama

Let’s be honest, Obama is a communist revolutionary and an enemy of the United States.  [Proof]

After his election, Obama and his followers began incrementally overthrowing our government and installing a dictatorship.  They must be immediately arrested and jailed by whatever means necessary for waging war against us.  Mass impeachments can come later.

Go to for more…


Tim Powers –

Mayor Bloomberg pushing NYC hospitals to hide baby formula so more new moms will breast-feed

This man needs to be impeached….