California: “A Fishy Drought”

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UPDATED: If you want your breast cancer, you can keep your breast cancer

Conservative News Update:

Dr David Samadi reported on Fox & Friends that the U.S. wants to change the guidelines when women get mammograms and it can save billions of dollars, but not lives.

  • The study suggests that women get a mammogram once every two years rather than once every year. Finding too many women with breast cancer at once can overwhelm the heath care system and we don’t want that do we?
  • The study also ‘suggests’ that women get a mammogram from the ages of 50-74 rather than 40 and above. 


Dr Samadi didn’t agree with this study, because it will delay detection of cancer and that could mean lives being lost if the cancer advances into the bone.

Obamacare is turning into the rationing of healthcare just like Conservatives said it would.

If you want your breast cancer, you can keep your breast cancer.

Ann Coulter: “My friend’s sister died today because of Obamacare”

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Employee States: “I can’t afford the Affordable Care Act”

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Republican guest goes nuclear on Bill O’ Reilly after he defends Obama’s minimum wage hike

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Left wing blogs applaud Bill O’ after he sides with ‘inequality propaganda‘.

Forward: Sen. Coburn says Obamacare cost him coverage for cancer doctor

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Republican Sen. Tom Coburn revealed Tuesday that his ObamaCare insurance plan does not cover his cancer specialist, forcing him to pay out of pocket — in the latest reminder of complications with the health law as President Obama prepares to address the nation.