Happy New Years Conservative Monsters: What to Watch for in 2011

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Happy New Years to all of the loyal Monster fans. The incredible
support that I get on here is growing more each day. People need to get
involved, because I am only one man and the long hours are finally
taking their toll on me and my health. I was safer when I was a cop LOL.

You all need to remember that the Usurper is still in the White House and Leftist Radical Harry Reid is still ruling the Senate, even though the Marxists took a beating in November. That said, I will make this brief. I am always trying to think of the next course of attack by the enemy and here are some thoughts for 2011. 

- First, I have been watching and waiting for food and energy prices to rise more and more. All of the Michelle Obama obesity talk if for a reason and that is they are setting up the excuse for a fast food tax so people can afford less food. It is for your own good they will say. Control the food control the people.

- The more people going hungry; The better for the regime, because they can control you via the food supply and eventually water as well. Stalin did it, Mao did it and now Obama and eventually the UN will do it.

- Once food prices start rising sharply, expect people to rush to the stores to start hoarding food. This could leave shelves in supermarkets bare. What if this generates a crisis? Never let a good one go to waste.

- Many of the environmental fascists would love to see gas at $7 a gallon. They want the middle class crushed and desperate, because they want us all dependent on the Government. The more unemployment, the merrier. So, expect global warming and cap and trade via the EPA to make a comeback regardless of the climate-gate emails that exposed their lies in 2010.

- When a leftard mentions global warming, you answer back CLIMATE-GATE. Gore is right, because the debate is over and they need to start locking up these hucksters for fraud. This of course will never happen and there has been grumbling to outlaw any criticism of global warming. These scientists are BOUGHT and paid for. They are a danger to national security.   

- Right now Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Pakistan, and North Korea are taking turns harassing us by their arrogant talk and military build ups. They are the masters of Al Qaeda. Notice that the USA and Europe are on  a terrorist watch, but Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea are NOT?

Russia has a Chechen Rebel problem; not an Al Qaeda problem. Why? Because Al Qaeda is their proxy mainly via their surrogate Iran. Put two and two together already, because really most of you should be embarrassed that you still have no clue about this.

- The Russians would love for our troops to be sent to Yemen and Mexico. So, expect more problems in Yemen and Mexico. (I predicted very bad violence on the Mexican border back in the summer of 2008 and I was right.) This would spread us out even thinner and we just can not afford to defend ourselves anymore. What do you do then? Start dropping the big ones, because this Urban warfare and winning hearts and minds is a bunch of bullshit.

- Expect an all out assault on the Obama Eligibility issue from all directions, Fox News included. You Fox News sheep and Glenn Beck robots better wake the hell up. You all make me sick for obeying their orders to remain silent on the Obama Eligibility issue. This is the one issue they all fear and they are all reading the same script on, but once again it is over the heads of a few sheep that need to be spoon fed from a blackboard.

– Expect belt tightening by States and your local governments. We are on the fast track to bankruptcy and turning into a 3rd world country. Take a look at how bad the snow clean up was in NYC. That is just a taste of what is coming.

– The continued power attempts to take OUR sovereignty away by the UN and CONTROL of the INTERNET.  

- Of course Muslim terrorism will continue and this will eat at our rights even more, because we can not profile. They will continue to kill Christians around the world and the Marxists will keep protecting them, because they are their foot soldiers to install tyranny, destroy capitalism and declare war on Christianity and Israel.  

Try to have a fun and safe new year, but be ready for the fight of your lives in 2011, because this is only going to get more fierce. Not just domestically, because remember what I keep saying this is all tied in together. This is a GLOBAL Marxist Revolution and the base is in MOSCOW; always has and always was.

This is bigger than an election or tea party folks. This is PROPHECY, so enjoy the ride and have no fear. We are living in historic times and I love it! 


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