Hateful Leftist Abuses Young Woman Working the Chick-fil-A Window #Chickfila


UPDATE: This free speech Nazi has been FIRED….



5 thoughts on “Hateful Leftist Abuses Young Woman Working the Chick-fil-A Window #Chickfila”

    1. Yeah. He should have kept the video clips of the assholery he engages in during his personal time separate from his career, employer and corporate info. By posting video of his assholery where he shared his employment info, he brought his employer into it, attached the corporation to his bullying of the CFA girl. If he’d been merely a low-level clerk, he probably would have been instructed to remove the company name from his page/site online and warned not to do it again. As CFO (or was he COO?) his behaviors and attitudes have too strong an influence on the company culture and environment and whatever buyers and vendors think of him, they think of the corporation, too.

      Adam Smith’s right to free speech has not been infringed upon. Adam Smith couldn’t control himself and his mouth, using his free speech irresponsibly and to his own detriment. Adam Smith got fired because of Adam Smith.

      Mr Cathy, otoh, must be the major shareholder, making him untouchable to board members. (Not all CEOs are bullet proof; some of them can be cut loose by the board.)

      1. Still, I’ve wondered since the press release yesterday if Adam Smith was really fired or if the company is saying he’s gone to stop the flood of emails and phone calls to him. Their email and web server as well as their phone and voice-mail must have been overwhelmed yesterday. Hard to conduct business with those tools nowadays.

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