Offensive Video Warning: A Message from The Greatest Generation (NSFW)

Steve Cooper


Let me tell you something about the so called ‘Greatest Generation’. The Greatest Generation ignored the warnings of Senator McCarthy and that was the final line in the sand to stop this Communist assault that we are witnessing today.

I saw this video last night, but I am sick so I am taking it easy today. This is reverse psychology. The Democrats will steal and cheat in next weeks election. Communists always point their finger at the opposition for deeds that they do. Michael Moore did this video. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies


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3 thoughts on “Offensive Video Warning: A Message from The Greatest Generation (NSFW)

  1. since when did a libtard care about things like this? they are losing and they know it and they know no limits how they can bash conservatives…. (notice i did not say republiicans..) it is my belief that people this stupid should be denied the right to vote.. and you must be able to pass a qualifications test prior to receiving a voter id know…. basic reading skills…. etc. they would fail in huge quantities… ..

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