Steve Cooper

Retired Police Officer, Investigative Journalist and founder of Theconservativemonster.com


The Conservative Monster.com is a one man, anti-Communist think tank.


I report what the others HIDE.


THE MISSION of The Conservative Monster is to expose topics that are simply too hot for the media. Topics such as the Russian link to Islamic terrorism via Iran or Democrat race baiting to assist in a Communist Revolution via a race war.


This Revolution will bring Obama absolute power rather than the opposite that Libertarians believe.


DISCLAIMER – ALL commentary and analysis made by Steve Cooper on The Conservative Monster.com is based on HIS OPINION from years of research.


The Conservative Monster.com is NOT responsible for comments posted on this website by visitors expressing their opinion.


“Being anti-communist, doesn’t mean being anti-government. Why are they so paranoid? Their Marxist agenda is being exposed, that is why.”


– Steve Cooper

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  1. The reality could be the Chinese needing an excuse to find out whose satellites are trained or close to their own,
    They would need a very good excuse to be able to “patch in” to foreign held satellites, utilising an airliner is the best option, Its interesting why the Chinese are the ones most anxious to find this black box

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