Ron Paul wants to “end torture and the CIA”

Conservative News Update:

Ron Paul wants to “end torture and the CIA”? Gee, Ron sounds like the Berkeley Marxists that applauded his son Rand when he spoke at their University.

Now you know why the Russian media loves these two idiots!

Don’t be fooled again, because a Rand Paul Administration would have the same foreign policy as the Obama Administration.

Another question? Why was Rand Paul so concerned about the CIA spying on Senators? Does he have something to hide?


Iran Releases Video Of Israel Under Nuclear Attack

Conservative News Update:

Iran General: We Will Hunt Down Israelis House To House

Conservative News Update:

I told the sheep that Syria, Iraq and Gaza was all about Iran getting ready for war against Israel long ago.

Warning Graphic: Saudi man beats Indian worker for using the phone

Conservative News Update:

Graphic: 50 Syrian soldiers beheaded

Conservative News Update:

Liberals are whining about Israel, because they want Jews to see the same fate that these people did.