The NYPD and National Guard Deliver Truck Loads of Food to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

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The NYPD and National Guard on Friday loaded tons of food and water into trucks bound for New Yorkers affected by Hurricane Sandy, with One World Trade Center visible behind the pallets of supplies at Floyd Bennett Field. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Complete Mitt Romney Speech from Wisconsin – Nov. 2nd, 2012

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This was one of Romney’s best speeches yet. He certainly has won me over, because I wasn’t thrilled, but he beats Obammunist anyday.

Mitt Romney campaigns in Wisconsin – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Hurricane Sandy Chaos in Levittown, NY: Fist fights over coffee and long gas lines

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I spoke with a friend that lives in Levittown, NY and he told me some stories that were just horrible.

  • He saw a fist fight over coffee at a local convenience store
  • Nobody has money, because the ATM’s are not working
  • He is using his mailbox as a refrigerator to keep his juice cold
  • He has to take a shower at the local gym and the hot water is gone by the time it is his turn
  • He is freezing, because there is no heat in his house
  • FEMA and the Red Cross is nowhere to be found
  • The gas lines go for 3-4 blocks long.

Where is Obama? He is eating steaks in Vegas. The media is giving Obama and FEMA a free pass, but it would be a different story if we were talking about GEORGE BUSH. I think Andrew Cuomo needs to get out to Long Island, but he is a no show so far.

My friend was blaming LIPA Power company, but they can only work so fast. The conditions are very hazardous… – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Geraldo Rivera has melt down on the air about Fox News probing Libya four days before the election

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If it smells like a conspiracy…it is a conspiracy. Geraldo Rivera is upset that the father of a Navy Seal called Obama “a murderer”, but where was everyone’s outrage when George Bush was called a murderer, Hitler and a fascist? These leftists have a short memory?  Towards the end, Geraldo then spins it by accusing ‘people’ (reporters) of blaming the military for not responding to protect the US Consulate in Libya.

The blame is pointed at the Obama Administration for holding back the US military from rescuing four Americans from being murdered by SAVAGE MUSLIMS on 9/11. How does that sound Geraldo? Like that better?  Geraldo really belongs over at MSNBC with the other twisted leftists. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Hurricane Sandy Relief: The Red Cross Opens Feeding Sites on Long Island, NY

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The American Red Cross has opened six feeding sites in areas of Long Island that were especially hard-hit by Hurricane Sandy. Three sites are open in Nassau County and three in Suffolk County.

Red Cross workers are today distributing water, snacks and personal hygiene comfort kits at each location. A total of 3,300 meals (sandwiches) will be available at lunch and dinner at each site. The hours of operation for each feeding site will be 11 am to 1 pm for lunch and from 4 pm to 6 pm for dinner. These sites are expected to be operational at least through the weekend.

Here is the name and location of each feeding site:

Nassau County

Nickerson Beach Park        880 Lido Boulevard, Lido Beach, NY

Cedar Crest Park               3340 Merrick Road, Seaford, NY

Christopher Marley Park     500 Searingtown Road, Roslyn, NY

Suffolk County

Riverhead City Center         210 Center Drive, Riverhead, NY

H.L. Dennison                   100 Veterans Memorial Highway, Hauppauge, NY

Mastic Fire House             1080 Mastic Road, Mastic, NY

Additionally, the Red Cross will have emergency aid stations at each location with disaster mental health personnel available to provide emotional support to hurricane affected residents. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Howard Beach, NY Resident: Hurricane Sandy Victims are Not Getting Help

Steve Cooper

Mayor Bloomberg is preparing for the NYC Marathon and Obama is in Vegas. FEMA and the Red Cross are nowhere to be found for these people.

View more videos at:

Bloomberg: Hurricane Sandy Death & Destruction will not stop the NYC Marathon… – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

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