NY Times compares Obamacare website failure to George Bush and Hurricane Katrina

Fox news reported that the NY Times was comparing the Obamacare website failure to Hurricane Katrina. Obamacare will kill many more people than 1,833, because rationing of healthcare (and services) is inevitable when you are dealing with a large population like the US has.

Once again, Leftists are pulling out the ‘Bush Card’ when all else fails.

Terminally ill people with no money will not get the same care as terminally ill people with money. The equality that is preached from ‘the left’ is one of the many ‘big lies’. Do you really believe Michael Moore wants to be considered equal to you or someone that is even less fortunate?

Elitists throw cash at Obama, because they are trying to buy ‘immunity from tyranny’ when that time comes.


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Obama Occidental Friend: “Obama Was A Marxist-Leninist, Looked Toward Coming Revolution”

Should Americans that lost their health insurance file a class action lawsuit against the Democrat Party?

I am surprised that none of the lawyers in the media mentioned the possibility of a class action lawsuit against the DNC for conspiracy to destroy the healthcare industry.

Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Biden and MORE!

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Obama 2007: “I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution.”

Obama sounds like a Libertarian. Now it makes sense why Libertarians voted for Obama in 2008 & 2012.


Hillary Clinton from 2007: “You can keep your doctor and insurance”

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