Future Terrorist Threat Coming From ‘Educated’ Americans?

The media reports that home grown terrorist attacks by Americans will rise, but they fail to mention that they are Muslims and Leftists. The claims also state that the terrorists are ‘educated’ with degrees.

Educated means that they were indoctrinated by Marxist College Professors to be revolutionaries.

This is why I am calling for McCarthy style hearings to investigate radical, Marxist Professors that are guilty of treason and sedition.

American Hiroshima Warning from 2007: Is it coming after Sequestration?


What is American Hiroshima?

American Hiroshima was an Al Qaeda plan to attack up to 7 American cities at one time possibly using suit case nuke bombs that weigh 60 lbs each.

Don’t think that American Hiroshima won’t happen since this video is from 2007. The enemy is patient, because they wait for the right time politically.

Sequestration might be that RIGHT TIME…


Psychological Warfare Against Americans by the Democrats & the Media to Win in 2014?

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