What difference does it make? John Kerry topped a list of ‘traitors’ compiled by Hillary Clinton during 2008 campaign

Conservative News Update:

What difference does it make?


The Russians wanted John Kerry to be Sec of State of Hillary for the longest time. There is more to this feud than what you see in the surface.


Duty by Robert Gates: “Obama had an ‘absence of passion’ for the U.S. Military”

Conservative News Update:

DUTY by Robert Gates

Robert Gates stated in his book that “Obama had passion when he talked about getting rid of “don’t as don’t tell” for gays in the Military. The “absence of passion” and distrust for US Military leaders was disturbing.

Are any of you really shocked by these allegations? I don’t think so…

Is Obama really lacking passion or is it patriotism?

It has been a Communist goal to destroy the US Military and Economy for as long as I could remember. Obama is doing a great job in that department.


Putin Speaks to Iran’s Rouhani About Nuclear Deal

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The conversation Thursday came as talks between Iran and the European Union started in Geneva to discuss the practical details of implementing a nuclear agreement reached by world powers including Russia in November, an EU spokeswoman in Brussels said.


60 Minutes: “The Case of Alex Rodriguez”

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Scott Pelley interviewed Anthony Bosch about the steroids scandal that allegedly involved Alex Rodriquez. Bosch claims that his life was threatened and that ‘friends’ of Alex Rodriquez wanted to pay for him to ‘hide out’ in Colombia until things calmed down. Bosch refused to go.

Alex Rodriquez denied the request to appear on 60 Minutes. A-Rods attorney Joe Tacopina represented the MLB player during the 60 Minutes segment.

I want to add that Alex Rodriquez has NEVER tested positive for drugs or steroids.


Obama and Rand Paul unite against Iran sanctions

Conservative News Update:

I think Rand ‘Fraud’ is in the wrong party…

The senators in favor include every Republican except Jeff Flake of Arizona and Rand Paul of Kentucky, aides said.


Anti-communist watchdog: NSA should spy on ‘progressive’ lawmakers like Bernie Sanders


Conservative News Update:

ONCE AGAIN, I agree with Cliff Kincaid…

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Anti-communist watchdog: NSA should spy on ‘progressive’ lawmakers like Bernie Sanders (via Raw Story )

After Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) demanded to know whether the NSA was spying on U.S. Congress members, one self-styled media watchdog suggests that maybe they should. “Not one article has dared to ask whether Sanders and other ‘progressive’ members…

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