Son of Wisconsin Senator Attacked by Obama Supporters


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Trump Promises Big Bombshell on Obama This Wednesday (Oct. 24th, 2012) That Could Change The Election

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Jordanian intelligence prevents major terrorist plot to attack US Embassy by Al Qaeda group

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Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syria seems to have assisted with this operation that was thwarted by Jordanian intelligence. Obama withdrawing the troops from Iraq has now given Al Qaeda an uncontested base of operations. This is exactly what Russia, Iran and Ron Paul wanted. – Best Selling Appliances

Annan: I cry for Syria Everyday; We need to listen to Russia and China more

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What a Communist fraud this man is…

Russia and Iran are arming and emboldening the genocide. – Best Selling Appliances


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I have been warning about the Communist threat since I was a teenager in 1978. Michael Savage has been a great influence for the spirit that is contained on The Conservative Monster and I will always support him.

The Savage Nation® will air live each Monday – Friday from 9PM  – midnight (EST) and 6PM – 9PM (PST) on radio stations across the country

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Poll: Obama Beats Romney Among Russians

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42% of the Russian people support Obama and they believe that it would be a plus for Russia’s ‘national interests’. Only 4% believe that a Romney win would benefit Russia.

I give Romney credit for speaking the truth about Russia being the USA’s “greatest Geopolitical foe”, because his comment verifies most of what is said on The Conservative Monster.

You have to be dumb as a rock to not see the Russian threat by now especially since the Democrats are working day and night to undermine the Capitalism from within. The American Communists have an unwritten code that they all abide by and that code is “follow Moscow’s lead”.

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Farrakhan praises Ron Paul; blasts frontrunners national debt plans – Chicago Sun-Times

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This is a wonderful endorsement for the Iranian puppet, Ron Fraud…

Now you all know why I think the Tea Party is a joke to allow Ron Paul to even be involved with it at all. Most of the sheep have no clue that Ron Paul is part of the Communist Establishment, because he preaches their foreign policy.

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