Thousands of Warmers Rally to Protest Global Warming in DC During Frigid Weather

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Ship these mental cases to a prison camp in the Arctic. That will help them see the light. Notice, that the useful idiots rally as soon as Obama mentions Global Warming?

These people are very dangerous, because they would rally to have you executed next if you dare to speak out against their DEAR LEADER.

The Communists first said an ice age was coming in the 70′s. Then they said it was global warming. Now it is climate change after scientists were caught manipulating data.

It is really a push for a global tax against Capitalism by radical communists and it will smash the middle class into tiny pieces. This is why super wealthy Elitists like the Kennedy’s and Mike Bloomberg are global ‘warmers’. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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The Democrats and the Media Will Blame the Tea Party for Defense Cuts?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


Posted on Twitter @cnin - The Democrats and media will blame the Tea Party for military defense cuts after a false flag. #randpaul #libertarians


The Democrats have been attacking military defense spending for my entire life time, but now they will have someone else to blame when it creates a National Security crisis. They will blame the Tea Party for something that the Democrats have wanted for a long time.

Rand Paul, his father and the Libertarians are the reason why the Tea Party is finished. It was hijacked away from the Conservatives masterfully. Lenin once said “the best way to control the opposition is to infiltrate it and run it yourself”. This is what the Libertarians did to to the Tea Party.

Republicans on Fox News like to say the word Conservative, but they lack the guts to warn about the War against Capitalism by Communists.


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Communist Hash Tags on Twitter for Global Warming #ForwardOnClimate #warmers

I like #warmers better….

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Dr Ben Carson’s Full Speech from the 2013 Prayer Breakfast

Ben Carson needs to call for McCarthy style hearings :)

Cruz Missile: Ted Cruz Must Call for McCarthy Like Hearings

Ted Cruz

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

This is one of the most important editorials that I have written in a while. Don’t let it go to waste…share it.


Ted Cruz is good, but he must call for McCarthy like hearings to win my total support. Yes, we are that late in the game. It is the 4th quarter and irreversible damage will be done if the radical left are not crushed right now. This is not about stopping freedom of speech or expression. This is about stopping a radical agenda that will fundamentally change the US Economy and freedom as we know it, forever. Treason and sedition are not protected by the 1st Amendment.

Calling for McCarthy style hearings would send shock waves through DC Politics and the Democrat Party, but I don’t think anybody has the guts to do it or say it. Of course Cruz will be attacked, because that is what the Communist rats do when they are cornered.

Sure, I supported Romney in the end, because he was rammed down my throat just like I predicted he would be one year before he was even nominated. The Conservative Monster is the only website that seems to make bold predictions way before they even materialize.

How are you supposed to defeat socialism and communism if you are afraid to say the words? This fear has emboldened the LEFTISTS and the censorship of Communism already has it’s grip on the media. Leftists know that they are winning and the Tea Party super heroes don’t scare them one bit.

You could rant about Communism on Facebook and Twitter all day long and the Left will laugh at you, BUT take that fight to the mainstream and it will get nasty.


Do you like to debate?


It is time to have an open and honest debate about whether Socialism and Communism is good for the United States or bad. Why is this debate not allowed to be heard? The powers that be want this Communist assault to be stealth…that is why.

The media only attacks Republicans, because there is still a difference between the two. How are the Democrats the dominating Party if there are more Republicans? Don’t even tell me about ‘Independents’, because that is a media lie. It is due to voter fraud and brainwashing by the Marxist Establishment controlled media.

Just mentioning McCarthy style hearings would start a riot …

Now is Cruz’s chance since Senator Boxer compared him to McCarthy.

Sen. Boxer Uses the McCarthy Card Against Sen. Cruz

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CNN Stooge asks if Global Warming is Contributing to Blizzards and Asteroids

A nice prison camp in the Arctic will fix these Commies….

Call them WARMERS….they love it.