Armed Guards Bully Journalist For Cornering Mayor Bloomberg On 2nd Amendment


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Keystone’s Fate Shifts to Climate Hawk Kerry – Bloomberg

The Democrat obsession with the environment is so the Russians and Arabs remain at the top of the world’s energy producers.

Terrorism is being used as a tool of extortion against the United States to abandon their #1 status in the world.

Obama is cooperating with our enemies and that is why he is “allowed” to and the wars.

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Is a Website Tax the Way to Control Free Speech on the Internet?

Steve Cooper

Yesterday, I was speaking with a website tech expert about how the Government and the UN can control what is being said on the Internet. I mentioned to him my theory on how they can and will do it: An oppressive ‘Global Tax’ on ALL websites can very easily shut down websites like The Conservative Monster.

His response to me was “Oh my God, that is my biggest fear. I believe that you are 100% correct that they will find a way to tax websites as a way to stifle freedom of speech”.

The poor or middle class will have even less of a voice if this happened. I know that I would shut down The Conservative Monster the next day. It would work in my case…

Donations and advertising commission is way down these days as compared to 2009 due to the weakened economy. Plus, people feel that there is no way to stop this Marxist freight train that we are on. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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