Thoughts about Jimmy Carter & CIA Involvement during the Soviet-Afghan War

Conservative News Update:  

Something about the Soviet-Afghan War just doesn’t sit right with me; especially since there is very little information about what really happened. Libertarians love to use the propaganda that the “CIA created Al Qaeda; when in fact they really created the Mujahadeen”.

Liberals love to cleanse and re-write history ‘especially’ when it comes to Communism and the Soviets. Liberal historians make Hitler and Fascism the bad guy, because that is used as a distraction from the atrocities of Communism. This is clever deception.

So history says that the CIA withdrew from Afghanistan after the Soviets withdrew their troops. Well, many believe that the Russian KGB stayed and continued to have influence in Afghanistan over the Muslim war lords after the CIA and Soviet Troops left the war torn country.

The Muslims now needed a new enemy to target since the Soviets withdrew their troops. So, did Bin Laden switch sides and decide to work for the Soviets and target the U.S. after the Soviet-Afghan war ended? Some think so and I am one of them.

Bin Laden did kill an Al Qaeda leader that wanted to target Israel instead of the U.S., but his name escapes me at this time. Who gave Bin Laden the order to kill that Al Qaeda leader and attack the U.S.? Was it the Kremlin?

Does this ‘conspiracy theory’ sound off the wall? Well, it isn’t if you understand there is no loyalty among these terrorists. The enemy of their enemy is seen as their friend. Most ‘conspiracy theories’ wind up being real conspiracies if you can look outside of the small box of media lies.

Libertarians become silent once it is mentioned that the new Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri was trained by the Russians in the late 90’s according to ‘DEAD’ FSB Agent Alexander Litvinenko.

There is much more to this ‘conspiracy theory’ than you believe.

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Putin’s Christmas Message: “New post-Soviet union ready for 2015 launch”

Conservative News Update:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday the final pieces were in place for the 2015 launch of an economic union with Belarus and Kazakhstan that Moscow hopes can also be joined by Ukraine.

Christians targeted with bombs on Christmas in Iraq – 37 killed

Conservative News Update:

Muslims preach tolerance yet they seem to be the most violent and intolerant. This is why Liberals adore them so much….


Christmas Message to Fans of The Conservative Monster

birth of christ


I am very fortunate to have great freedom loving people from across the world that are fans of The Conservative Monster. Most traffic of course comes from the USA, but the fear of Communism is a global issue. This website gets traffic from everywhere in the world for that reason. What will the world do if tyranny takes over the USA? There will be no place to run to.

Will you run to Russia? Do some research to see what happens to people that wish to dissent against Vladimir Putin. They disappear or get thrown into prison.

This Christmas pray for the future of the USA, because the enemy has ‘entered the gates’. Also, pray for Christians around the world that are being persecuted and murdered with little media coverage.

Let’s hope that there is no bloodshed against Christians by Muslims in Nigeria this year like there has been the past few years.

The war against Religion is part of the war against Capitalism, but nobody will dare admit this fact. Marx and Lenin made it very clear that Religion is an enemy of the Marxists. Remember that the Democrats boo’ed God for a reason. Progressives hate when you call them Communists, because they want to hide the fact that they are the SAME.

Don’t be embarrassed to say the word Communism. “Would you rather die from embarrassment or Communism? It is your choice”

God Bless you all,




Checkmate Comrades! Bank Exec: Europe Moving Toward Totalitarianism

Conservative News Update:

I warned several years ago that Europe would collapse (Communism) and the Russians would be there to pick up the pieces instead of the Americans. Putin will control Europe without even firing a shot.


“We have gone full circle back to a Soviet Union model,” Jakobsen writes. “It will be the final move toward a totalitarian European state and the low point for individual and property rights.”