Rogue Dentist May Have Exposed 7,000 Patients to HIV, Hepatitis

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Gay Marriage Scenario to Sue Churches

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I can see this happening, because I know how Leftists think….

A gay couple that belong to a church advise a pastor that they want to be married inside that church. The Pastor refuses and a law suit is filed for ‘discrimination’ and a ‘Human Rights complaint’ is filed with the United Nations.

Gays will claim that their right to ‘pursuit of happiness, equality and freedom’ is being denied by the churches.

The powerful wealthy forces behind this agenda will help fund this lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court, because the ultimate goal is to undermine the traditional  family and organized religion.

Leftists are very clever. They changed the label from civil unions to marriage. Why? To sue churches and pastors when it is legal. They can’t sue churches with civil unions, but they can sue when gay marriage is defined as legal.

Civil unions would be fine so gay couples can share benefits, but there is more to this. They want to force Pastors and churches to marry them. Britain is already threatening to sue churches when gay marriage is legal there. Britain doesn’t have the same freedom of speech and religion protections that the US has. So, they are looking for a way around it.

Bill Clinton signed DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act. So, why isn’t he considered  homophobic  Now, Clinton wants DOMA overturned, because many believe that it denounces homosexual behavior.

The Dems tried to squeeze in hate crime legislation into bills years ago to silence pastors from speaking about gays. I suspect that there will be a human rights complaint filed with the UN next. This is not over.. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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Good Friday 2013: The Persecution Continues

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The Democrats boo’ed God at the 2012 convention, because the majority of them are Communists that want worship of the State instead of a Religion. They will call you delusional and crazy if they are confronted with this blast of truth, but those methods of personal attack are typical of communists. Personal attacks are used to discredit anyone that exposes their hateful and intolerant agenda.

The war against Christmas and Easter is constantly denied by Leftists, but the demand to erase these words from being spoken publicly certainly can’t be denied. I try to warn people that are new to this war against Communism that our opposition is excellent at lying, propaganda and deception. They are Satan’s doubt.

Many people question me “How can some Communists worship Satan if most of them claim to be Atheists”? Answer: It is easier to be publicly accepted as an Atheist rather than a Satanist. The persecution towards religions (except Islam) is clearly being motivated by Satan, because it is that intense and that evil.

Saul Alinsky dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer. Why would a Communist/Atheist dedicate his book to Lucifer? Answer: He was possibly a Satanist that only called himself an Atheist in public so he wouldn’t be discredited.

“Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism”. Vladimir Lenin

Of course Obama claims to be a Christian, but look who his pastor was. Rev. Wright is the most hateful pastor and for any President to be associated with that man is a disgrace. It doesn’t say much for the Americans that voted for Obama in 2008.

TODAY, Remember that Jesus was persecuted and that persecution still continues…. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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Putin orders large-scale military exercises in Black Sea

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Poll: Should Koreans be deported since North Korea is threatening to nuke the USA?

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Jared Loughner Visited Extremist Websites Prior to Gabby Giffords Shooting?

I am trying to get my hands on Jared Loughner’s police records. Investigators released 3,000 pages and I want to find out what ‘extremist websites’ were visited by Loughner before the shooting. The major media seems to be hiding this information.

Any help will be appreciated.,0,4200069.story