Military spending cuts ground Blue Angels

Blue Angels

Maybe the Russian Air Force can do fly overs for the Blue Angels? Reagan defeated communism? That is another lie….

In middle of gun-control push, Obama pardons man on weapon conviction

King Obama laughs at his jesters.

This is pretty funny, but why am I crying?


Iranian gas pipeline to Pakistan ‘begins March 11th’


Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Okay, so the USA is not allowed to have an oil pipeline with Canada, but Russia can have one with China and Iran can have a gas pipeline with Pakistan?

It is not rocket science to see who is pulling the strings for the environmental terror groups that seek to sabotage the American economy under their fake excuse of saving the planet. Many of these environmentalists like Al Gore fly around in private jets as middle class Americans struggle to fill up their gas tanks weekly.

Why don’t the environmental communists go protest on the Iranian border so we can watch them get beheaded on the news. It will never happen, because they are all allies involved with the same conspiracy. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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1984 George Orwell Movie Trailer (1984)

orwell 1984

Just put Obama’s face onto the billboards where the Dictator’s face is showing.

George Orwell was a visionary….

1984 is a MUST SEE….

Click here to see the entire film on You Tube