John Kerry making more ‘gains’ as Secretary of State than Hillary?

Liberal Professor Tells White Male Students To Commit Suicide To Benefit Society

This is why I am a firm believer in water boarding liberal professors…

Rand Paul: Worse than Obama on Iran


Now you know why I call him Rand FRAUD…

It is disturbing both that Paul’s grasp of history and foreign-policy instincts are so bad. It is even more alarming that neither he nor his staff seems to learn from errors. We already have a president impervious to reality and living in a cocoon. Why would we want another one?

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Khamenei: “Israeli regime is not human, doomed to failure & annihilation”

Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza had materials on ‘Pedophilia’ & ‘Politics’

By Steve Cooper

The reason for the Sandy Hook shooting is unknown? Pedophiles tend to be nutty liberals. Was Adam Lanza a pedophile? I have no idea, but he had ‘information regarding pedophiles’ on his computer according to this report.

The target was clearly LITTLE CHILDREN.

Lanza also had pages bookmarked on his computer about ‘politics’, but the report doesn’t say what kind of politics. I bet if would be reported if the pages were about Tea Party politics. Was Lanza interested in ‘Marxist Revolutionary politics’? Che Guevara? Saddam? Mao? Who?

Lanza played violent video games, but he mostly played the non violent video games.

View the Sandy Hook Report

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Conservative Monster Sandy Hook Archives

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