Greta: Another Obama fan gets a ‘rude awakening’ on Obamacare

Are these people naive, stupid or dumbed down when it comes to Socialism?

Source tells N.Y. Post pre-election unemployment report was faked

Corruption with unaccountably this large is tyranny. Mass graves aren’t needed…YET.

The media attacked former GE CEO Jack Welch when he disputed these numbers, but he was correct..

Is Iran the next distraction?

Several days ago I commented that “Obama has the American people doing jumping jacks to a different distraction ever few weeks. The same fools fall for it every time. I mentioned that another distraction will come in the next few weeks that will move attention away from the Obamacare distraction.

Again, people need to understand this kind of psych warfare is common under corrupt, tyrannical regimes. They want the people to feel confused, overwhelmed and paranoid.

The economy, terrorism, media lies and attacks against individual privacy are being orchestrated by Leftists along with their Marxist and Muslim pals from around the world.

Now, John Kerry is said to be in ‘sensitive negotiations’ with Iran and he has warned that tough sanctions against Iran could lead to war. Rand Paul has also been against Iranian sanctions. Foreign Policy is where Libertarians align with  Leftists and Muslims.

Hot mic catches UN interpreter saying anti-Israel votes are ‘a bit much’