‘Bored’ teen suspect charged with Murder for setting fire that killed an NYPD Officer

Conservative News Update:

Early Wednesday morning, NYPD Police Officer Dennis Guerra lost the fight for his life from inhaling toxic smoke when he ran into a Coney Island fire allegedly set by a ‘bored’ 16 year old. The criminal charges against Marcell Dockery have now upgraded to Murder.

I know several Police Officers and Detectives that are friends with Officer Guerra’s father, a retired NYPD Homicide Detective and they are devastated by this news.

RIP Officer Guerra…


House Panel: IRS’ Lerner Targeted Rove Group, Should be Prosecuted

Libertarians say both parties are the same because they are closet socialists that want to undermine what is left of the Republican Party.

The opposition was targeted by the government in the Soviet Union too.


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Photo of dog meat market in China

Eating dog meat is what rich Liberals want for poor Americans. The Liberal Elite are always bragging about how wonderful China is, but they don’t have enough food to feed their people. So, they have to eat dogs or die of starvation. Mao starved 30 million Chinese. This is the reality of Socialism that Americans can’t grasp.


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