Ex FSB Officer: Russia involved in London, Paris attacks #ISIS

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

I believe this ex FSB agent is telling the truth and he has passed a lie detector test according to the article. It’s no coincidence that NATO Countries are being attacked by ISIS. It has to do with Putin’s retaliation for sanctions against Russia. The truth will come out one day about the Russian link to 9/11 as well. Iran aided the 9/11 hijackers get to Afghanistan. They would never do this without Putin’s knowledge and approval.

This FSB agent better be well hidden, because Putin will have him killed for spilling the beans. Where are the Putin lovers now? Now you know why Socialists shout CIA and Israel all day on the Internet. They are covering for Russia and Syria’s involvement with ISIS. Assad could have crushed ISIS in 24 hours if he wanted to. The media is jerking you all.

Russia Today floods their media with left wing, former CIA agents who blame the US. The American media won’t have the guts to give this ex FSB agent any airtime.

Russia gave France a new police dog after theirs was killed during the Paris attacks. This wasn’t a ‘gesture of good will’. It was a sign of GUILT.

TY Leif for sending me this HUGE article….

It has been speculated for long that the Kremlin’s puppeteers are behind terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States, but no confirmation has been presented. The experienced agent, former FSB officer specializing in terrorist organizations and counter-terrorism is now giving his testimony.


Rep Mike Rogers: It’s no coincidence that Edward Snowden fell into the ‘loving arms’ of a Russian FSB Agent”

Conservative News Update:

Rand Paul and his merry band of Soviet loving followers are trying to protect a possible Russian spy, Edward Snowden. 1.7 million files were removed from the NSA to undermine US Foreign Intelligence capabilities. Edward Snowden was not concerned about protecting your privacy; that is a cover story for his real crimes.

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Does the Russian FSB Control Chechen Terrorism?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

“The best way to control the opposition is to infiltrate it and run it yourself.” – Lenin

BEFORE the Boston terror attack: People would bring up the fact that “Russia has their own Muslim problem”. Of course, I can’t blame them for saying it, because that seems true from the outside. That is the way that the Russians want it to appear like.

Russia and Muslims are enemies? Why did Russia build those nuclear plants for Iran if that is the truth? Why are they supplying weapons to terrorists in the Middle East via proxies like Belarus? Every terrorist seems to have Russian made AK-47’s and rocket launchers. Please explain that one to me…

Al Qaeda doesn’t attack the Russians and there is a reason for that. They are just another proxy being used to attack American Capitalism with.

Exposing the Russian link to Islamic Terrorism

The Soviet Roots of Today’s Islamic Terrorism

I will make this brief:

The Russian FSB blew up apartment buildings in Moscow (false flag attacks) and they blamed the Chechen terrorists as a reason to justify an invasion into Chechnya. The slaughter of thousands of Chechens was then ordered. Some of these Chechens were suspected to be linked to the CIA according to ‘propaganda’.

There have been several Chechen attacks against Russia, but they were in retaliation for the Russian massacres against the Muslim population.

It is interesting that the Russian security forces used the Boston attack to arrest more Muslims in Dagestan. Why were these Muslims arrested since they allegedly had no links to the Boston terror attack?

BEFORE Boston happened I warned people many times: “Russian FSB Intelligence controls Chechen terrorism”. Low level ‘useful idiots’ like Tamerlan Tsarnaev probably had no idea that their handlers were really controlled by Moscow.

Why were Chechens attacking the US if they were at war with Russia? Nobody has yet answered that question.

Why didn’t the Russians detain or arrest Tsarnaev while he went to Russia to supposedly train how to make bombs if they were so concerned about him?

Did the FSB Set Up the FBI?

Here are several articles from my archives that I have written on this topic.

A Little Communist and Muslim False Flag History
9/11 has more to do with Communism than Islam



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Did the FSB Set Up the FBI?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The media is trying to brainwash people into believing that Russia is an ally with the War on Terror, but that is far from the truth. The media is loaded with lies almost 24 hours per day, but this is the biggest one of them all.

The media is constantly repeating the words “The Russians warned the FBI about Tamerlan Tsarnaev” to brainwash people into believing that Russia had nothing to do with the training of this terrorist or the Boston terror attack.

This pressure cooker bomb with a cell phone timer is not as easy to make as the media is telling you all. Experts have said that this bomb can’t be made properly just by watching a video. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was professionally trained and over the weekend I saw so called terror analysts out right LIE about Tsarnaev’s training and ‘international help’

Communists are trying to twist your mind by insisting that there is no international link even if the terrorist was trained in RUSSIA. Don’t believe your eyes…believe the LIES.

Do you really believe that the Russians were trying to prevent the Boston terror attack? The Russians made no attempt to arrest Tamerlan Tsarnaev when he went to Russia. There are no laws or rules in Russia and Tamerlan Tsarnaev could have easily been arrested or killed if the Russian Government feared him so much.

Clearly Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s beef was with the US, because he made no attempt to attack Rusisa. Instead, he attacked civilians at the Boston Marathon. Why didn’t Tamerlan Tsarnaev attack a mall in Moscow if he saw Russia as the enemy.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev didn’t see the Russians as an enemy and the Russian FSB knew this. This was the Russians covering their ass so they could deny any link to the Boston terror attack. This is how they operate….sneaky.

I am believing the FBI’s account with this story that the Russian FSB ceased communication after the initial tip that seemed ‘general’. Obviously, the FBI had little information about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, because the FSB didn’t give the FBI any intel of value according to reports.

Yes, a tip is nice, but it means nothing if there is no intelligence or evidence.

The FBI closed the file on Tamerlan Tsarnaev due to LACK OF EVIDENCE, because the FSB was NOT trying to help the FBI or prevent the Boston attack.

I could be here for hours on the topic that Russia and China are aiding and enabling Muslim terrorism via Iran. Instead of repeating the same propaganda over and over like the media does to brainwash ‘the folks’ I will just repost the links.

Former FBI Agent: “Russia knows more than they are telling us about the Boston bomber suspect”

Russia Trained the Boston Bomber and Al Qaeda Leader in the Same Terrorist Camp?

The Soviet Roots of Today’s Islamic Terrorism



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Russian FSB waging Psych Warfare on American and British Diplomats

Spying actually increased after the ‘staged’ collapse of the USSR, but this information has been kept from the sheep. 

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Putin calls for “special attention” to be paid to Zika virus

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

Is Zika an FSB Project? Maybe not yet, but I am curious why Putin is looking into this. He’s usually only concerned about aiding Syrian and Iranian terrorism around the globe. Mosquitoes are a good way to spread bio weapons (I’m not saying this is what Zika is).

Litvinenko Report rules Vladimir Putin ‘probably’ ordered killing of Russian spy

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

Where are the Putin-bots?

Litvinenko was killed for daring to mention the Russian link to Muslim terrorism and the FSB attacks on Moscow in 1999 to justify invading Chechnya.


Muslim Assassin Tries to Kill Philly Cop: “I did it in the name of Islam”

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

BUT Obama wants to disarm YOU….


Is Political correctness making it harder to prevent Muslim terror attacks?

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper

Liberal ‘race baiting’ rhetoric IS protecting Muslim terrorists. Left wing extremists immediately blamed the NRA after the San Bernadino terror attacks to cover for the Muslim involvement since they are allies in this revolution against the West and Capitalism.

Someone asked me “How come Obama doesn’t mention Islamic terrorism?”

First, Leftists want Americans to be confused who the real enemy is since they want to lump ALL of you eventually onto the terror watch list. This is why they are targeting LEGAL gun owners.

Leftists are fighting the US, Israel and Capitalism via Muslim terrorism as a proxy for decades. The Iran Deal was proof that Obama is united with Russia and Iran (behind the scenes). Since 9/11, Russia and China would threaten WW III if anyone dared to threaten their terror proxy Iran.

Iran uses Sunni Al Qaeda as a proxy. Iran uses the Sunni – Shiite bloodshed as a cover for their alliance with Sunni terrorist groups. How come these Sunni terrorist groups never attack Iran if they are at war with the Shiites?

US Generals have testified numerous times in front of Congress about the Iranian link to Al Qaeda. The media reports about it for one day and then drops it immediately. They want the American people to believe that these terrorist groups aren’t State sponsored, but that is false.

How come ISIS attacks the West instead of Assad? (Who they claim to be at war with). ISIS attacks and threatens the same countries who had sanctions against Russia and Iran. This is no coincidence. The media covers up these very valid points since they are more controlled by the US Government than you believe.

The Russian FSB and CIA have been playing a cat and mouse game with Muslim terrorists for decades to undermine each other as opposed to the inevitable, an all out nuclear war.