Russian conspiracy site claims the US Navy captured Malaysian jet due to ‘suspicious cargo’

Conservative News Update: Why are Internet propagandists for Russian Intelligence (KGB/FSB) blaming the US Navy for diverting and capturing the missing Malaysian Jet? Are they trying to ‘cover their fingerprints’? I find it very interesting that the ‘mysterious’ disappearance of the Malaysian Jet has distracted the media attention away from Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine […]

Litvinenko murder: Coroner ‘said Russia could be involved’

Conservative News Update: Former KGB Agent Alexander Litvinenko was murdered in 2006 when someone slipped radiation into his tea. Litvinenko stated that Russian Intelligence (FSB) was behind bombings in Moscow that were used to blame Chechen terrorists for that killed over 200 people. Litvinenko also warned that Russia was fighting the USA with an ‘invisible […]

The Blind Sheikh – Benghazi Myth

Conservative News Update: The stories about kidnapping Amb. Stevens to trade him for the Blind Sheikh was a cover story for the truth. This is my opinion. There is no way the truth would be posted on the Internet and there is no way the Blind Sheikh would be traded for any hostage. Many of […]

U.S. drops to #12 on the Global Economic Freedom list

Conservative News Update: Very interesting article… The USA is #12, Russia is #140, Iran, #173 & Cuba #177 on the Global Economic Freedom list. The USA has declined for the past 7 years straight. The 9/11 attack and economic sabotage certainly doesn’t help. The Democrats took over the US Congress and Senate 7 years ago. There […]