Ron Paul: “We should offer friendship to Iran”

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster I have been saying for years that Ron Paul is a stooge of Iran. The facts about Iran’s links to terrorism and 9/11 is no secret, but Ron Paul and his merry band of Libertarian fools that worship him close their eyes to this. Ron Paul compared Gaza to a […]

Russian False Flag? Mortar shell hits Russian embassy compound in Damascus, Syria – injures 3

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster This is a nice way for Russia to blame the US and the Syrian rebels for declaring war against them. Russian false flag? Libertarians shout false flag in their sleep, but they would never utter the word when their Russian heroes are involved. Plus, the Russians have to make it look […]

Documentary: “Blowing up Russia”

Steve Cooper   Leftists and Libertarians shout false flag after every mass shooting that takes place in the US, but that is small potatoes. The Russian FSB blew up apartment buildings in Moscow, killing their own people so the Chechen Muslims could be blamed. Russian President Putin was leading the FSB at the time. […]

Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria

  Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster The Saudi’s are scared to death of Iran and Syria. Leftists and Libertarians are aligned with Russia and Iran to spread anti-Sunni propaganda on the Internet day and night, but as they cleverly defend the Shiite Muslim terrorists that are Iranian backed.   This article from Aug. 2013 is […]