Anarchist Communism aka Libertarian Communism

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster It is a lie when Libertarian’s claim that a Communist Libertarian is an ‘oxymoron’. They are really ‘lying morons’. These Communist Libertarians have flooded the Tea Party; insisting that they are Conservatives. Ron, Rand and their merry band of useful idiot Libertarians want to provoke Conservatives into violence and revolution. The […]

‘Libertarian’ Defends Communism on Twitter

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster To be anti-communism is to be anti-communalism, anti-community, anti-humanity. — Thomas Jefferson (@ThomasJeffersin) September 29, 2013   The moment the populace begins to question capitalist aspirations is the very moment in which they are ready for revolution. — Thomas Jefferson (@ThomasJeffersin) September 29, 2013     Donate to The Conservative […]

The FYI on Libertarians that the Media won’t report

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster I need to explain something: Many Libertarians rant about Obama, but they really voted for him. They want to rile up Conservatives so martial law is declared, the banking system is dissolved and that will be the end of Capitalism. The goal is to sabotage any resistance to Socialism or […]

The organizer of the Million Muslim March is a LIBERTARIAN?

Steve Cooper   The other day I stated that many Libertarians will attend the Million Muslim march, because they are infested with communists and 9/11 Truthers. I was right…again. Libertarians are useful idiots for the enemy. This is why I despise them so….   Facebook – Michael-Savage-Channel-on-YouTube Donate to The Conservative Monster via […]