Libertarians Side with Al Qaeda During Terror Alert via Pravda Style Propaganda

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster   Most of these Libertarians are the children of the 60′s Communists. Today’s Libertarians are no different than Leftists; they are useful idiots for the Russian and Iranian government controlled media.   The author of this article from Infowars even sides with the Boston bombing suspects. Here is a small […]

Christie: Libertarian Foreign Policy is Dangerous

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster   Finally, someone has the guts to say that libertarian foreign policy is dangerous. Too bad it had to be Christie. Libertarians are the perfect ‘Useful Idiots’ for Russia and Iran. Just take a look at their poster boy’s Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.   American Libertarianism: Children […]

American Libertarianism: Children and Grand Children of the 60′s Communists

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster Rush, Savage and the rest of the talk show hosts are not educating the people about the real agenda of Libertarians. Why? They don’t want to offend the Libertarians that listen to the show; it is about RATINGS. The Commies that frequent the Ron Paul forums hate The Conservative Monster, […]

Libertarian Hero and Military Disgrace: Bradley Manning Trial Begins Today

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster     The court-martial trial begins Monday for Bradley Manning, the Army private who has already admitted to sending more than 700,000 war-related and other classified U.S. documents to WikiLeaks. Go to for more Donate to The Conservative Monster via Back to Home Page Please use the link […]

Libertarians are Hoping That the Russians Will Liberate the USA from Obama…

Steve Cooper People, wake up…the only thing that the Russians want to do… is shoot you in the head. The article below from Pravda was written by a Russian, but many times I have seen Libertarians on the Internet hoping for Putin to liberate them from Obama. Are all Libertarians on drugs or what? […]