Are the conspiracies about the missing Malaysian jet a plan to ‘cover up’ a terrorist incident?

Conservative News Update: When different conspiracies fly around like we are seeing with the Malaysian Jet it is to cover up a ‘terrorist incident’. This is textbook Soviet deception that has been used for the past 60 years by the Russians and their proxies. This comment made a Libertarian go ballistic on my Facebook page […]

The Missing Malaysian Jet is a Nice Distraction for Russia’s Invasion of the Ukraine

Conservative News Update: Did the Iranians help their pal Vladimir Putin by orchestrating the ultimate distraction? Making an entire plane disappear is a good distraction alright and it knocked Putin and the invasion of the Ukraine out of the media. Put your thinking caps on…SHEEP, because this is just more psych warfare coming from Iran […]

Obama to Israel: “Time is running out; accept peace deal or face ISOLATION”

Conservative News Update: The Communism and Muslim criminal underworld is waiting for Israel to smack Syria and Iran. The Palestinian issue is just a distraction to demonize Israel. American Libertarians are on board with America’s enemies to smear Israel.

Fox News finally reporting about the Russian threat

Conservative News Update: Post by The Conservative Monster. Fox News has refused to talk about the Russian threat for many years; they left the dirty work to The Conservative Monster. Now they want to report it after I took heat for many years from the clueless fools in their audience that they brainwashed. Nobody had […]

Time to take on Obama/Rand Paul foreign policy

Conservative News Update: Read this article and you will understand why I call Rand Paul his new name, “IRAN PAUL”. Libertarians try to play stupid with the Iran issue, because they are really liberal frauds and liars. Article by Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post: Until he (Rand Paul) is confronted with the absurdity of […]