Russian planes have not entered Ukrainian airspace – Moscow

Conservative News Update: Moscow insists that Russian planes have not entered Ukrainian airspace. Sure, like Moscow can be trusted? Where are the nutty Liberals and Libertarians that called George Bush a war criminal. The Conservative Monster is the only media source to expose these Libertarian frauds such as Ron and Rand Paul.

China’s navy commissioned 17 new warships as US cuts military spending

Conservative News Update: The fix is in for a ‘staged surrender’ or you can call it ‘taking a dive’. Libertarians are hysterical about local police departments rather than China’s 200 million man Army? It makes sense if you are a ‘stoner’.

House Panel: IRS’ Lerner Targeted Rove Group, Should be Prosecuted

Libertarians say both parties are the same because they are closet socialists that want to undermine what is left of the Republican Party. The opposition was targeted by the government in the Soviet Union too. Posted from WordPress for Android

Movie Trailer: “Heaven Is For Real”

Conservative News Update:   What a remarkable TRUE story this is about a young boy that was dying, went to heaven and came back. The real young man was on Fox News this morning and I believe every word that he said. I am convinced that the radical Atheist movement is guided by Satan. Many…Read more Movie Trailer: “Heaven Is For Real”