How many suicides were caused by Obama’s ‘absence of passion’ for the Military?

Conservative News Update: Robert Gates states in his book “Duty” that Obama lacked passion for the mission that the U.S. Military was facing in the Middle East. So, how many young soldiers joined the Military and then realized that they threw their life away, because the Democrats & Libertarians undermined BOTH wars. The Libertarians will […]

Super PAC raises $4 million for Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton

Conservative News Update: Libertarians are currently plotting to undermine the 2016 Presidential Election like they did in 2008 & 2012. #tcot #Obama — Conservative Monster (@liberaltreason) January 10, 2014   Fox News reported: WASHINGTON –  Ready for Hillary, the super PAC trying to build a groundswell of support for a potential Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential […]

Snowden has more U.S.-Israel secrets to expose: Greenwald

Conservative News Update: The Russians and the American ‘Democrat’ media are cleverly disguising Edward Snowden’s real agenda of undermining US National Security and the security of Israel for the Putin and his Iranian ‘terror proxy’. Socialists like Bernie Sanders and Michael Moore are defending Edward Snowden right next to Rand Paul. This is why I […]

UPDATED – Peter King: Rand Paul ‘Doesn’t Deserve’ His Spot In The Senate

Conservative News Update: UPDATED:  Conservatives are naive when it comes to Liberal-tarian infiltration within the GOP. I am no fan of RINO’s, but flooding the GOP with Liberal-tarians isn’t the way to fix it. There is no helping you if you can’t see that Edward Snowden (and his Libertarian followers) are leftist useful idiots for […]

Operation “American Spring”: Retired Colonel planning DC protest & resignation of ‘Politicians’ – May 16, 2014

Conservative News Update: Colonel Harry Riley (Ret) has decided enough is enough and he is tired of seeing the U.S. Constitution trampled on by a ‘long list of politicians’. Of course, Obama is on the list, but there are many others included as well. The purpose of this rally is to call for Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, […]

Thoughts about Jimmy Carter & CIA Involvement during the Soviet-Afghan War

Conservative News Update:   Post by The Conservative Monster. Something about the Soviet-Afghan War just doesn’t sit right with me; especially since there is very little information about what really happened. Libertarians love to use the propaganda that the “CIA created Al Qaeda; when in fact they really created the Mujahadeen”. Liberals love to cleanse […]