The Truth About Rand Paul and Libertarians

Conservative News Update:   Rand Paul’s filibuster about drones followed protests overseas by Muslims and Leftists seeking to stop the use of drones in Afghanistan. Paul wasn’t worried about protecting Americans; he was worried about protecting THE ENEMY. Post by The Conservative Monster. Post by The Conservative Monster. Post by The Conservative Monster. Rand Paul […]

Libertarians Are the New Communists

Conservative News Update: This is an interesting article, but I want to also add that many of the 60′s Communists aren’t much different from the radical Libertarians we see today when it comes to drugs and appeasing our sworn enemies that are hell bent on destroying the USA. The big problem is that Fox News […]

Three Men (Libertarians) arrested by the FBI for allegedly trying to buy pipe bombs

Conservative News Update: NO, these suspects weren’t Muslims. They were Libertarian Revolutionary nut jobs… Obama was a gift from heaven for these Libertarian Revolutionaries, because they are much closer in ideology than you believe. Just think of Bill Ayers. Of course the three suspects have already been erased from all social media from what I […]

Libertarians are already blaming the CIA for any terrorism at the Sochi Olympics

Conservative News Update: These misguided ‘useful idiots’ for the Russians are really traitors. It is a known fact that Iran is the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world and they are a proxy for the Kremlin that Ronald Reagan really didn’t defeat. Why are American athletes the target if the Chechen’s are at war […]

The FYI on Libertarians that the Media won’t report

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster I need to explain something: Many Libertarians rant about Obama, but they really voted for him. They want to rile up Conservatives so martial law is declared, the banking system is dissolved and that will be the end of Capitalism. The goal is to sabotage any resistance to Socialism or […]

Libertarians Side with Al Qaeda During Terror Alert via Pravda Style Propaganda

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster   Most of these Libertarians are the children of the 60′s Communists. Today’s Libertarians are no different than Leftists; they are useful idiots for the Russian and Iranian government controlled media.   The author of this article from Infowars even sides with the Boston bombing suspects. Here is a small […]