HOMEWORK for Conservative Monster Fans

Conservative News Update: I want everyone to start searching and reading Twitter comments about revolution, anarchy, anarchists and Capitalism. Many of these radicals are educated/brainwashed and they are not the usual name calling, ignorant Democrat that you see on the Internet. Many of you can learn a lot from reading and understanding their propaganda, because […]

UPDATED – Anarchist-Libertarian propaganda on Twitter looks Communist to me

Conservative News Update:   None of your Fox News or Tea Party superheroes will explain the truth about many of the Libertarians that are really ‘Marxist Revolutionaries’ and they hide behind he label of Anarchist. Sure, they say that they are for less Government, but the propaganda that they spew about Capitalism is identical to […]

Target credit card data was sent to server in Russia

Conservative News Update: I tried to warn people about Russia, but the Liberals and Libertarians are aiding the enemy. The axis of evil is still alive; Ronald Reagan defeated nothing. That is just one more lie on top of thousands more. So, you believe the Soviet Union collapsed and then a new Muslim enemy appeared […]

The ‘Far Left’ and Rand Paul agree on the NSA

Conservative News Update: The media hides the fact that Rand Paul is a fraud (just like his father was), because Libertarian infiltration within the GOP is the perfect way to shatter real Conservatism for good. Libertarians blame the US & Israel for terrorism, just like Leftists do. You have to be blind at this point […]

David Limbaugh: “I’ve got a pen!” An Imperial, Lawless President

Conservative News Update: An Imperial, Lawless President? This is how Liberals and Libertarians labeled George Bush during his 8 years in office, but of course it wasn’t true. These leftists were a cover for the Communist assault that the Democrats had coming. Leftists cleverly hid their assault on Capitalism behind Muslims. Yes, there are still […]

Opinion on Rand Paul Plummets During Discussion on Iran

Conservative News Update: Post by The Conservative Monster. Rand Paul is an important tool to destroy the GOP from within. This is why the media avoids asking him questions about Foreign Policy or Iran. The media wants to hide Senator Paul’s ‘Leftist Side’ from Patriotic Americans. Libertarians love to talk about Liberty as they embrace […]

How many suicides were caused by Obama’s ‘absence of passion’ for the Military?

Conservative News Update: Robert Gates states in his book “Duty” that Obama lacked passion for the mission that the U.S. Military was facing in the Middle East. So, how many young soldiers joined the Military and then realized that they threw their life away, because the Democrats & Libertarians undermined BOTH wars. The Libertarians will […]