Putin defends conservative values – The Japan News

Conservative News Update: Sure, nobody admits that they're communists anymore. They just disappeared off of the planet LMAO — Conservativenews.cc (@putinwatch) December 14, 2013 Marxists and Libertarians are trying to bait Conservative into believing that Putin and Russia are ‘their friends’. They will shove the knife into your backs… http://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0000869334 Posted from WordPress for Android

Patriot Act author on James Clapper: Fire, prosecute him

Conservative News Update: The author of The Patriot Act wants National Intel Director James Clapper fired and prosecuted for lying to Congress. Leftists and Libertarians were ‘out of their minds’ over the Patriot Act when George Bush was President, but that seemed to quiet down once Obama took over. Sure, Libertarians do complain about Obama,…Read more Patriot Act author on James Clapper: Fire, prosecute him

New Facebook Page: “Socialism for America”

Conservative News Update: At least the guy that created this Facebook page is ‘out of the closet’. I think other Democrats, Independents and Libertarians that voted for Obama need to ‘come out’ as well since they like to use ‘class warfare’ talking points such as ‘redistribution of wealth’. These Socialists would really rather have an…Read more New Facebook Page: “Socialism for America”

Is Iran the next distraction?

It is common for regimes such as Syria to create opposition groups to create chaos in the region. Chaos is good for Russian oil prices #Iran — Conservative Monster (@putinwatch) November 19, 2013 Several days ago I commented that “Obama has the American people doing jumping jacks to a different distraction ever few weeks. The…Read more Is Iran the next distraction?