America’s Universities are a Breeding Ground for More Boston Bombers

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster   Looking to blame someone? Look no further than LIBERAL ACADEMIA to blame for the mass shootings and the Boston bomber suspects. The ideology of MARXIST REVOLUTION has been implanted into the brains of the youth. Even the Muslim students are being radicalized by Marxist Revolution theory. They are intelligent, […]

One Boston Bomber Suspect on the Run, One DEAD – Watertown, Mass

Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston The police are warning Watertown, Mass residents to stay in their homes. Too bad many of them are anti gun liberals. Grab a butter knife…GOOD LUCK… The suspects are reportedly brothers from Chechnya. They are CHECHEN…    

Could the Police Confiscate Guns from Boston Marathon Victims?

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster YES, according to the anti-2nd Amendment language that is floating around these days. There are calls for doctors to notify the police of anyone that is suffering from depression or PTSD, Posttraumatic stress disorder. Think it can’t happen? Think again…Gov Cuomo already signed his into law in NY. Returning Veterans […]

Fox News Obtains Exclusive Photos of Boston Marathon Bomb

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5 Pressure cookers activated by cell phones? – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s Please use the link below to share this post on Facebook and Twitter…THANKS