Boston Terror NWO Shock and Awe?

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster The Boston terror attack was part of the psych warfare campaign that I keep warning about. It was more shock and awe. Attack the US, but then not allow the words Islam or terrorism to even be mentioned. Liberals are attacking anyone that dares to bring up Islamic terrorism. Shock […]

Peace Loving Liberal Threatens to ‘Knock F’ing Teeth Out’ of Anyone that Blames Muslims for Boston Bombings

  Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster Now you understand why NBC reported ‘a young man’ was a person of interest instead of saying that he was  a ‘Saudi student’, because liberals have a break down. They are so desperate to protect the enemy… suicidal lunatics. Nobody ever said ALL Muslims are terrorists, but Liberals […]

2010 Editorial by Southern Poverty Law Center targets The Conservative Monster’s ‘Call for McCarthyism’

Conservative News Update: I found an article from 2010 where the ‘far left extremist organization’ Southern Poverty Law Center’ bashed my claims about the communist threat and my calls for McCarthyism. Why are leftists so afraid of McCarthyism if they aren’t communists with nothing to hide? They are VERY AFRAID. In 2010, I also warned […]

Was the terror attack in Russia a ‘staged False Flag’ to blame Saudi Arabia?

Conservative News Update: Post by The Conservative Monster.   It is no secret that Russia has chosen to side with Iran and that they act as a terror proxy to attack the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia. The media won’t dare touch this subject. So, the Chechen’s were supposed to be ‘at war’ against Russia, […]

Police Make Jet Brawl Decision: “The women were the aggressors,’’

Beautiful Boston blonde Jaclyn Nugent, 26, and buddy Amanda MacDowell, 25, of Marlborough, Mass., “were observed kicking and punching [Jets fan Kurt] Paschke in the body and head,” according to a statement from New Jersey State Police. Go to the NY Post for more Why was Kurt Pachke arrested if the women were the aggressors? The […]