My Recollection of Working at Ground Zero Days After Sept. 11th, 2001

Photo taken by Steve Cooper, Sept 2001 – Ground Zero, NYC Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster On 9/13/01, I was assigned to work at Ground Zero when I was a member of the NYPD. The streets looked like a war zone. It felt like I was walking through ‘Hell on Earth’ when I saw emergency […]

Libertarians Side with Al Qaeda During Terror Alert via Pravda Style Propaganda

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster   Most of these Libertarians are the children of the 60′s Communists. Today’s Libertarians are no different than Leftists; they are useful idiots for the Russian and Iranian government controlled media.   The author of this article from Infowars even sides with the Boston bombing suspects. Here is a small […]

Santa Monica Mass Shooter: Another College Revolutionary?

Steve Cooper When will people wake up to the fact that I am correct about these mass shooters and bombers being brainwashed in college to start a ‘bloody’ revolution. Islam and Communism are brothers for the time being until Capitalism is destroyed. They are working hand and hand together. Did John Zawahri worship Che Guevara […]

Father of Chechen shot by the FBI takes to the Russian Media

    The FBI claims that Ibragim Todashev attacked them and police during an investigation with a knife and he was shot during the struggle.  Todashev was friends with the Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.   Archives on the Russian FSB Donate to The Conservative Monster via Back to Home Page Please use the link below to […]

Is Tamerlan Tsarnaev the New Lee Harvey Oswald?

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster   In this article, Cliff Kincaid asks the same question that I have been asking: “Why didn’t the FSB detain or arrest Tamerlan Tsarnaev if they were so concerned by him?” Answer: The Russians were concerned alright. They wanted the Boston attack to happen that that is why they gave vague […]

Post 9/11: The Final Push to Take Down Capitalism

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster It is no secret that the Democrats have been communists for many years, but in 2003 I warned people that it looks like they are making a final big push to take down Capitalism. I knew this by their aggressive actions and propaganda against the Iraq War. A war that […]

Car Bombs Kill Two in Dagestan, Russia

Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster This was most likely a ‘special effects’ show to convince the American people that Russia was NOT behind the Boston terror attack. Putin can fool you people, but he can’t fool ME…. Donate to The Conservative Monster via Back to Home Page Please use the link below to […]