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Some Ohio State students upset that extremist Chris Matthews drafted as commencement speaker

Conservative News Update:

What a disgrace….


Chris Matthews: “Chris Dorner was Media Saavy and Intelligent”

Chris Matthews

Last night, Hannity played a clip of Chris Matthews saying that Chris Dorner was ‘intelligent with a high IQ’, but he was troubled. Left wingers are dangerous people. Matthews should be fired for these comments…



Chris Matthews: The Only Way GOP Can Win Is To Rig Elections

Steve Cooper


Communists always accuse the opposition of crimes that they themselves commit….


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Tonight Show Has Chris Matthews Taken Away In Straightjacket



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Chris Matthews attacks Jack Welch On Jobs Conspiracy: ‘Do You Want To Take That Back?’ (VIDEO)

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Steve Cooper


I find it very interesting that the economy collapsed just when McCain was 3 points ahead of Obama in 2008 and now it is getting better in 2012 during a tight race with Romney.

Am I the only person watching this ‘fiction thriller’?

What you are witnessing is ‘manipulation of the masses’ via terrorism and economic sabotage.

Jack Welch: ‘I Wasn’t Kidding’

Chris Matthews attacks Jack Welch On Jobs Conspiracy: ‘Do You Want To Take That Back?’ (VIDEO) 

Kevin Freeman: Economic Terrorism Against America

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MSNBC Producer Accused of Shoving RNC Supporter

Steve Cooper