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Guinness pulls sponsorship from the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Conservative News Update:


Guinness beer pulled out of sponsoring the St Patricks Day parade, because the organizers refuse to allow gays to carry banners in the parade.

Pulling out of sponsoring the St Patricks Day Parade shows intolerance towards Irish Conservatives and their religious views. The parade has the word ‘Saint’ in it, because it is a religious event. Freedom of religion is once again under attack.

The organizers of the St Patricks Day Parade should stand strong and defend their right to hold a ‘religous parade’.  St Patricks Day isn’t an event for ALL Irish people. It is an event for ‘Irish Catholics’, but radical gays want to ram their agenda down the throats of their fellow Irishmen. These radicals are about poliics 24 hours a day and they aren’t concerned about ‘religious freedom’.


Liberal Fascism? Gov. Cuomo to conservatives: Get out of New York!

Conservative News Update:

What happened to tolerance, diversity and freedom of speech? Not in NY… Cuomo is supposed to be the Governor to ALL NY residents. Governor Cuomo seems to forget that Conservatives pay taxes too that he has no problem taking.


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Sochi Olympics: Since when is ‘being gay’ a sport?

Conservative News Update:

Billie Jean King and other gay athletes want to make a ‘statement’ at the Sochi Olympic games in Russia, because of the assault against gay rights.

Gays now want to taint the Olympics with their agenda. This is an embarrassment to the Olympics and the United States, but these radicals don’t care.

Nobody cares who you sleep with…



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Judge Orders Colorado Cake Maker To Serve Gay Couples

Conservative News Update:

I have an idea: Go to another BAKERY rather than ramming your lifestyle into someone else’s face?


Gay Google Ads on a Conservative Site?

gay google ad

Google is putting ads for ‘gay couples seeking green cards’ on The Conservative Monster. Do you think they are trying to undermine my revenue? How many Conservative readers are gay couples seeking a green card?

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Has Vladimir Putin declared Gays equal to Terrorists?


Citing “terrorism,” Russia’s President Vladimir Putin just signed a decree that will ban all demonstrations, rallies, and protests in Sochi, Russia, well before and after the 2014 Winter Olympics.


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