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Christians targeted with bombs on Christmas in Iraq – 37 killed

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Muslims preach tolerance yet they seem to be the most violent and intolerant. This is why Liberals adore them so much….


Drudge Report: US aircraft shot at in Sudan

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False flag to drag more US Troops into Africa?

Would you be afraid of the Obamacare ‘Pajama Boy’ if you were the enemy?

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Liberals would like ALL men to look like this weirdo in the new Obamacare ad that was posted on Twitter. Young American men are being brainwashed to flash peace signs, be sensitive and polite; as our enemies train their children to shoot rifles and chop heads off.

The mismatch is frightening…

Airport worker planed suicide bombing at Wichita airport ”on behalf of al Qaeda”

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Jihad in Thailand: Devout Muslims murder six, injure 16 in three attacks – Atlas Shrugs

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CNN: Is Iran set to lash out at Saudi Arabia?

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I guess this is George Bush’s fault too? Moscow is backing the Shiite Muslims in Iran and they are acting as a terror proxy for the Kremlin.

Should Tehran hit Riyadh, it could transform and broaden the ongoing Saudi-Iranian proxy war in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen into a more overt, deadly, and destabilizing conflict.