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Patrick Dollard: John Brennan Is Secretly A Muslim, According To Ex-FBI Agent

Patrick Dollard (@PatDollard) tweeted at 6:02 AM on Mon, Mar 11, 2013:

John Brennan Is Secretly A Muslim, According To Ex-FBI Agent http://t.co/Gs4yKMCz1p

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Shock claim: Former FBI expert claims John Brennan converted to Islam

I believe anything today …

If this is true; it means surrender …


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Did CIA Pick Cleanse Obama’s Passport Records?

Steve Cooper

This is brilliant reporting by Dr Jerome Corsi, WND.com, Ken Timmerman and Newsmax.com.


Investigative reporter Kenneth Timmerman said a well-placed but unnamed source told him that the real point of the passport breach incidents was to cauterize the Obama file, removing from it any information that could prove damaging to his eligibility to be president.


According to the theory, the breaches of McCain’s and Clinton’s files were done for misdirection purposes, to create confusion and to suggest the motives of the perpetrators were attributable entirely to innocent curiosity.




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