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Video of Mark Kelly’s pitbull attacking a sea lion

Steve Cooper

This guy is such a tool…

Mark Kelly is the husband of Gabby Giffords. This man allows the Democrats to parade around and exploit his disabled wife to push the gun control agenda of radical leftists. The best part is that 2 weeks ago, Kelly was trying to buy an AR-15 for himself. LOSER…



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Biden and Bloomberg Exploit Parents of the Newtown Shooting

Left wingers sink lower and lower each day.


Obama’s Twitter Account Retweets Photo of John Lennon’s Bloody Glasses


These commies will do anything to undermine the 2nd Amendment……



Police Investigate Facebook Photo of 11 yr old with an Assault Rifle

I just saw this story on Fox News. I bet some liberal A-hole called the cops, because this kids father is an NRA instructor.

Left wingers tend to be very paranoid people that see every gun owner as a threat. This is probably due to the high amount of anti-depressants that they stuff their face with daily.

Move to North Korea if you want to live with a disarmed population.