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George Zimmerman’s girlfriend wants charges against him dropped

Conservative News Update:

NY Daily News Gets Defensive Over Hillary Clinton ‘Left Wing’ & ‘Commie’ Buttons

D news commies

The game is over and the people see clearly what is going on. So, let’s stop the lies.

Liberals and Democrats are really Communist RATS. Liberals have a fit when the word ‘Communist’ is mentioned, because they want to discourage it’s use. It is a form of censorship…


The NY Daily News posted this photo with the statement “Not cool, guys” next to it…

I don’t remember The NY Daily News being too upset when Sarah Palin and her family were bashed day and night…

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NY Daily News is Pushing Assault Weapons Ban Petition for Congress

Daily News

NY Daily News assault weapons ban petition


Muslims furious that Paris Hilton opens a store in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Steve Cooper


This chick is WHACKED. Who are her advisers? Do they want her to get her head chopped off?

I wonder if Hillary and Obama will have Paris Hilton arrested next if riots break out?


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