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Cuban-American refugee erupts at Oregon lawmakers during gun control hearing “This is Marxism!”

Conservative News Update:

Oregon teen, Grant Acord charged with planning to bomb his high school

Grant Acord

Steve Cooper

Grant Acord was charged with six counts of manufacturing and possessing a destructive device after investigators found six bombs in a secret compartment in his bedroom.

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Cuban American Testifies: “You people don’t know what freedom is, because you never lost it”

Steve Cooper

This is the worst nightmare for the Communist rats in the Democrat Party. None of your Tea Party super heroes that appear on Cable News has the guts to speak the truth like this man does.

Rand Paul’s filibuster (publicity stunt) needed words like this man spoke, but he punked out instead. He didn’t fool me…

Manuel Martinez stated:

In 1957 a Revolution … individuals … malicious individuals, masquerading as Democrats, revolutionaries, established a regime … a dictatorial regime … in my nation. Called Communism, Socialism, Stalinism, Marxism, and whatever other named -ism you want to put on it.


Also – Navy Veteran Jason Schmidt sent me a video with his testimony on the assault against the 2nd Amendment. Thank you…



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